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Watkins Shepard announces pay increases effective September 1

In addition to the scheduled rate of pay, the Watkins Shepard fleet averages another 3 CMP in bonuses and another 4 CMP in stop pay.

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MISSOULA, Mont. — Watkins Shepard has announced a driver pay increase that includes boosts of up to 8 percent for the most experienced drivers.

Effective Sept. 1, all pay rates for drivers with three or more months of experience in the industry, regardless of place of employment, will increase.

Here is the new pay scale:

Drivers with three or fewer months of experience will continue to hire on at the current rate of 29 cents per mile (CMP); drivers with three to six months of experience will receive 30 CMP, up from 29 CMP; drivers with six to 12 months experience will receive 32 CMP, up from 31 CMP; drivers with one to two years’ experience will receive an increase of 36 CMP, up from 34 CMP; for two to three years’ experience, the new pay will be 37 CMP, up from 35 CMP; for three to four years’ experience, the pay will be 38 CMP, up from 35 CMP; for four to five years’ experience the pay will be 39 CMP, up from 35 CMP; for five to 10 years’ experience, the pay will be 40 CMP, up from 37 CMP and for drivers with 10 or more years of experience, the new pay will be 41 CMP, up from 38 CMP.

The Watkins Shepard fleet averages another 3 CMP in bonuses and another 4 CMP in stop pay, according to Chief Operating Officer Walt Ainsworth and Chief Financial Officer Dan Brown.

“Drivers can do much better than that, but those are the fleet’s averages,” Ainsworth and Brown said in a joint announcement.

“This summer we’ve been able to successfully negotiate rate increases with many of our largest customers,” the two executives said in a communication to drivers. “We were able to do so primarily because of the premier service model that we have carefully cultivated — a service model that would be impossible without the day-to-day efforts of our professional driving staff.  For our customers, you are Watkins Shepard Trucking and we believe that these rate increases are a direct result of your individual contributions to our team effort.

“To thank you for your dedication and service, we will implement a pay increase effective Sept. 1.

“We appreciate your continued efforts to provide the best customer service possible.  Our team is the foundation of our success as a company and we look forward to building on that success in the future.”

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