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Fox News' Bret Baier shares insights on politics

Fox News' Bret Baier gets candid, real on politics, 'gamesmanship' at CVOC in Dallas. (The Trucker: APRILLE HANSON)

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DALLAS — Eighteen years ago Bret Baier was working in Atlanta for a start-up news agency that some people thought was “that Simpsons network.” Then Sept. 11 happened.

He was dispatched to the scene in New York City and to Washington, D.C. to the Pentagon and never left.

“I had my things moved and never went back to Atlanta,” Baier said.

Now he’s Fox News Chief Political Anchor and Anchor of “Special Report With Bret Baier.”

He’s moderated five presidential debates and is set for the 2016 race.

During a funny, candid and inside look at politics and “gamesmanship,” Baier shared his predictions and comments about various newsmakers with attendees Wednesday at the Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference here prior to the Great American Trucking Show.

Following are some of his predictions about:

• The Highway Trust Fund: Has bipartisan support but probably will come down to public-private partnerships

• Corporate taxes: Both parties are moving to get corporate tax rates down (the U.S. is second highest behind Japan, he noted)

• Immigration: No legislation will make it through Congress and President Barack Obama will pen an executive order to provide documentation for illegals, a move that will “blow up” politically, with Republicans and other critics calling for the president’s impeachment for such a wide, sweeping move involving thousands and thousands of people.

• The immigration issue will lead to Republican mid-term victories but by 2016 Democrats will again be positioned to win seats, the American people having moved on from the immigration crisis to something else

• Obamacare will not be repealed but be “fixed” so that it’s beyond recognition

• Hillary Clinton will run for president and former President Bill Clinton will be an asset in politicking but could be a liability if “something happens.”

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