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Minimizer giving away $30,000 to two lucky business truckers

Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg explains the company's $30,000 give-way to business truckers. (The Trucker: DOROTHY COX)

The Trucker Staff


DALLAS — It was a truck driver who came up with the idea of Minimizer’s “Tire Mask,” a tire rim mask kit that’s disposable can be used for various jobs, saving both time and money, notes Craig Kruckeberg, CEO and chief visionary for Minimizer.

Truckers are tired of the old way; they want to do things better, he said. 

He should know; his father, a truck driver, came up with the idea of a bendable, tough fender using a special hydrocarbon polyethylene material that would bounce back when dented and crushed, when his wife backed over a trash can made of similar material.

Now it’s Minimizer’s 30th anniversary and the company has 145 more products to roll out that save both time and money. And to thank the truck drivers who have purchased their products and who have come up with nifty ideas for products, Minimizer has initiated a $30,000 give-away to winning entrants: $15,000 will be given to a driver with a small fleet of less than 10 trucks and $15,000 will be given away to a driver of a fleet with 10 or more trucks.

The contest is now open and winners will be announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in March 2015.

Drivers can go to www.minimizer.com to see how to enter.

“We’re here to stay in the heavy-duty trucking industry,” said Kruckeberg.

Oh, and if a driver has a good idea for a Minimizer product, call (800) 248-3855.

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