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ALK releases version 1.2 of interactive maps platform

Version 1.2 of ALK interactive maps includes satellite imagery from MapBox with an overlay of the Street network providing much higher resolution and faster performance. (Courtesy: ALK TECHNOLOGIES)

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PRINCETON, N.J. — ALK Technologies has announced the release of its ALK Maps interactive visualization platform version 1.2.

The new version focuses on product advancements for improved interactive visualization and responds to customer feedback for additional customization options, according to Dan Popkin, senior vice president of enterprises, who said ALK Maps version 1.2 enhancements include:

• Satellite imagery from MapBox with an overlay of the Street network providing much higher resolution and faster performance

• Spherical Mercator as the default mapping projection bringing it in line with industry standards for web mapping applications

• New zoom level to view street-level details with or without satellite imagery

• Clustering of point features based on user rules and attributes

• Ability to create Geodesic polygons

• Option to customize color and opacity of route lines on the map for better visualizations

“We are excited about the enhancements and new capabilities that will enable our customers to improve visualization of business operations while bolstering their bottom line,” Popkin said. “Whether it’s a corporation building real-time fleet monitoring systems, optimizing dispatch operations with route planning, managing load assignments, or building compliance reports, ALK Maps provides the ideal industry-specific transportation platform.”

This latest version also introduces a new mechanism for developers to display markers on the map using a Vector Markers layer that provides standard icons, style parameters and easier mouse event handling.   A new Custom Places interface enables clients to store point data with attribution in the cloud and provides for easy visualization and query within the Maps platform.

A complete list of new capabilities and enhancements can be found on the developer portal at http://maps.alk.com/Developer/.

Popkin said the ALK Maps JavaScript platform provides key functionality for the transportation industry that goes well beyond what a consumer mapping platform can offer. ALK Maps includes flexible layering that displays ALK’s commercial maps as a base layer and allows users to overlay routing, geocoding points, traffic, weather, or other data as separate controllable layers. External geographic data can also be added as a vector or image layer. The ALK Maps APIs can be used in Web applications, mobile apps, or desktop products, offering complete flexibility in product offerings.

To request a demonstration or for more information regarding ALK Maps, visit www.alkmaps.com.

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