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Price of diesel drops 1.4 cents to $3.821

The price of diesel is almost 20 cents lower than it was in March. (The Trucker file photo)

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WASHINGTON — At least there’s something that is cheaper than it was one year ago diesel.

The energy that powers most of the nation’s trucks dropped another 1.4 cents as the Energy Information Agency of the Department of Energy reported that for the week ending August 25 the average on-highway price of a gallon of diesel was now $3.821.

That’s down almost a dime since June 30 and is 9.2 cents cheaper than one year ago.

It’s also 19.6 cents lower than when diesel peaked in March at $4.017.

All regions of the country and California posted declines last week except the Rocky Mountain states when the price increase fourth tenths of a penny.

The largest decline was 2.5 cents in the Central Atlantic States, and one of the big reasons the East Coast, of which the Central Atlantic States are a part, was down a collective 2 cents.

For a complete list of prices for the past three weeks, click here.

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