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Volvo tech academy earns CASE accreditation

Volvo Trucks continues to invest in developing new technicians and fostering the knowledge and skills of aspiring Volvo master technicians.

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) recently awarded Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) accreditation to Volvo Trucks Academy, the training arm of Volvo Trucks in North America.

CASE accreditation helps ensure high-quality training programs, which ultimately improve a retail dealer’s ability to provide exceptional customer service and support, according to Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. The voluntary accreditation program reviews a training provider’s programs against established industry standards, ensuring that the continuing education training adheres to best practices, he said.

“CASE accreditation drives continuous improvement of our instructional program and differentiates us within the heavy-duty truck industry,” Göran said. “Exceptional training is vitally important for the success of our dealer network and drives a greater value of ownership for our customers. Accreditation also validates the quality of training we provide to customers who operate their own service networks.”

Volvo Trucks Academy provides dealership sales, parts, service, technician and driver training programs through online e-learning and instructor-led classes held at six locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Additionally, technician and driver training programs are offered exclusively to Volvo customers. Volvo Trucks Academy delivered more than 5,800 instructor-led training courses and nearly 110,000 e-learning courses to Volvo dealerships and Volvo customers in 2013. 

ASE is a non-profit organization established to improve the competence of automotive service technicians through voluntary testing and certification. Recognizing the need for ongoing training of experienced service technicians to keep up with increasingly complex technology, ASE established CASE Accreditation as a voluntary certification program for training providers that offer continuing education to working service technicians.

“CASE-endorsed professional development and continuing education is a valuable component in our ongoing efforts to address the well-publicized shortage of heavy-duty service technicians,” Nyberg said.

Volvo Trucks continues to invest in developing new technicians and fostering the knowledge and skills of aspiring Volvo master technicians. Through its partnership with WyoTech, students in the institution’s Diesel Advanced Technology Education program receive training tailored specifically for Volvo chassis, powertrain, emissions, electronics and electrical systems in preparation for an entry-level position servicing and repairing Volvo trucks.

Volvo’s VistaTech certification program provides technicians with the opportunity to complete instructor-led and web-based training courses to develop their skills and attain advanced certification levels as they work toward becoming a Volvo master technician. The VistaTech certification program is a proven tool for helping technicians further their careers and increase the number of Volvo master technicians in the Volvo Trucks dealer network.

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