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AT Dynamics, C.R. England partner to deploy TrailerTails

Friday, November 8, 2013
C.R. England will begin deploying trailers with TrailerTail technology this month, (Courtesy: C.R. ENGLAND)
C.R. England will begin deploying trailers with TrailerTail technology this month, (Courtesy: C.R. ENGLAND)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah and HAYWARD, Calif.  — Temperature-controlled carrier C.R. England and ATDynamics, a global supplier of semi-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology Thursday announced a sustainable transportation partnership to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency of C.R. England semi-trailers.

The adoption of TrailerTail technology at C.R. England has the potential to reduce the company’s diesel consumption by more than 2 million gallons annually, the equivalent of offsetting the carbon emissions of over 7,000 passenger vehicles, according to Corey England, executive vice president.

After extensive joint fuel-economy testing, C.R. England will begin deployment of ATDynamics’ fuel-saving TrailerTail technology this November, he said.

 “C.R. England is committed to finding ways to improve our operating efficiency as well as minimize our impact on the environment,” England said. “Our testing has shown that improved air flow at the rear of the trailer results in reduced fuel consumption.  Installing TrailerTails on our latest group of new trailers will allow us to observe these benefits in a real world situation throughout our transportation network.”

TrailerTails are mounted to a semi-trailer’s rear doors and reduce aerodynamic drag at the flat rear surface of the trailer.  Their patented origami design allows the devices to completely collapse out of the way when the trailer doors are opened to allow the loading and unloading of cargo. 

“Over 60 percent of the nation’s freight is hauled by trucks,” said Andrew Smith, CEO of ATDynamics.  “Forward thinking trucking companies like C.R England will play a significant role in reducing our dependence on foreign oil and the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of products we consume daily.”

 C.R. England is a partner in the U.S EPA’s SmartWay Transport program and has won numerous awards for its leadership in sustainable transportation. 

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