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Bendix announces availability of active cruise control with braking

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
The Bendix Wingman ACB is shown mounted on a tractor. (Courtesy Bendix CVS)
The Bendix Wingman ACB is shown mounted on a tractor. (Courtesy Bendix CVS)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC this morning formally announced the introduction of Bendix Wingman ACB-Active Cruise with Braking.

The announcement came during a media day news conference at the Mid-America Trucking Show, which begins Thursday and runs through Saturday.

Bendix Wingman ACB is an innovative technology that delivers warnings and proactive interventions to help drivers avoid collisions as well as data to help with fleet operations and driver training, according to Joe McAleese, Bendix president and CEO.

Using a radar sensor mounted to the front of the vehicle and building on BendixESP full stability technology, the system assists the driver to maintain a set following distance between their truck and the forward vehicle, McAleese said.

With cruise control on and speed set, Bendix ACB will warn and provide active interventions — reducing throttle, engaging the engine retarder and, if necessary, automatically applying the foundation brakes to help the driver maintain the intended following distance.

“When cruise control is not engaged, the driver still gets the benefit of following distance alerts to let them know if they are getting too close to the forward vehicle,” McAleese said, noting that this can be especially helpful during those conditions when cruise control should not be used, such as inclement weather and heavy traffic.

Plus, the inclusion of Bendix ESP full stability technology helps drivers mitigate rollover and loss-of-control situations on dry, wet, snow and ice-covered roadways, he said.

“It’s all about helping fleets avoid crashes,” McAleese said. “Bendix is building on its commitment to delivering strong, cost effective, active safety solutions that have a real impact for fleets – from the cost, revenue, profit and safety performance perspectives. As we work to address the modern safety needs of commercial vehicles, their drivers, and the motorists with whom they share the roadways, we will continue our leadership role in active safety innovations.”

Bendix Wingman ACB is built on full-stability technology — the Bendix ESP Electronic Stability Program. Because automatic brake application, a key feature of active cruise with braking – brings the potential for instability, full-stability technology is integral to the safe operation of vehicles with active braking capabilities, the company said.

For more information, visit www.bendix.com.

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