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CAT Scale unveils free "Weigh My Truck" app

Friday, March 22, 2013
by Aprille Hanson

Eric Ruud, project manager
Eric Ruud, project manager

CAT Scale introduced Thursday at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., its short solution to weighing trucks with its free Weigh My Truck app, due out for Android Smartphones in June and available for use at the company’s 1,450 locations in the United States and Canada.

Instead of parking and standing in line at the fuel station for the truck to get weighed, which could take a significant amount of time, Heather DeBaillie, marketing manager for CAT Scale Company / Iowa 80 Group Inc. said the app is a quick solution to avoid the hassle of waiting.

“It’s so much easier and faster if they don’t need that hard copy for billing, they can get everything they need right through their Smartphone,” DeBaillie said. “They don’t even have to leave their truck, everything will be emailed to them. They’ll be record online where they can go back and look up their account with scale tickets and email them and even print them out to their dispatcher or customer, whoever might need that.”

Drivers can go onto to download the application for free, which will be available on Android Smartphones in June and on iPhones by the end of the year. It will also compatible with the two brands tablet devices.

Drivers must register for a PayPal account, which will be prompted when the app is downloaded. PayPal will be the only payment option for the weighing service fee.

“We are still exploring other options to add other charge options in the future,” DeBaillie said.

Drivers can then enter account information including their company, tractor, trailer and commodity.

Once at the weigh station, clicking on the app makes the process simple, DeBaillie said.

“Once they accept the fee, it’s completely seamless,” DeBaillie said. “It will alert the weight master that there’s a truck needing to be weighed.”

The weight details are then automatically displayed through the app, including steer axle, drive axle, trailer axle and the gross weight. The ticket can also be printed after an hour and picked up at the fuel station, DeBaillie said. Up to five email addresses can be stored in the app, for quick emailing of the weight information to the driver and others, DeBaillie said.

The app also electronically saves past weight information.

In  the active developing stages for about a year, the app is currently in the testing process, DeBaillie said. An video explaining the app is also on

“The benefit for us is to keep CAT Scale the favorite for drivers to weigh and make it easier for drivers,” DeBaillie said.


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