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FTR trucking conditions Index shows healthy freight growth

Thursday, October 22, 2015
This chart compares the 2015 monthly Trucking Conditions Index with 2014. (Courtesy: FTR)
This chart compares the 2015 monthly Trucking Conditions Index with 2014. (Courtesy: FTR)

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — FTR’s Trucking Conditions Index (TCI) measure for August, at a reading of 9.53, reflects healthy freight growth projections, an FTR official said, adding that positive revisions to both the first and second quarter economic data have improved FTR’s freight growth forecast to +4.4 percent for full year 2015.

The Trucking Conditions Index has been steadily rising over the past months and is expected to remain in the current range through the end of the year, according to FTR President Eric Starks.

This will be followed by upward momentum in 2016 as new regulations eat away at trucking capacity, he said.

“While the TCI has moved higher, we are hearing from shippers that the current capacity situation has been better than anticipated as we move through the peak shipping season,” Starks said.

“Even with capacity utilization easing some, truckers are still able to make money. This is translating into healthy demand for equipment as orders for trailers have remained strong. The strong TCI is in contrast to some economic indicators that suggest the economy is stagnant. Even with the economy painting a mixed picture, trucking conditions are still expected to remain at levels that are healthy through the end of this year.” 

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