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Gold Eagle introduces diesel formula stabilizer

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
The new product keeps diesel fuel fresh for quick, easy starts, company officials said.
The new product keeps diesel fuel fresh for quick, easy starts, company officials said.

CHICAGO — Gold Eagle, the makers of STA-BIL, a gasoline stabilizer, have introduced Diesel Formula STA-BIL.

Designed for use at every fill up, the new product it keeps diesel fuel fresh for quick, easy starts, according to Manny Grijalva, Gold Eagle’s executive vice president and chief innovation officer. “The STA-BIL brand is well known and has been trusted for over 40 years,” Grijalva said. “The reformulation of diesel fuels over the last few years has increased the need for use of diesel additives, to protect against fuel degradation, water attraction, and to help clean up the fuel system on a regular basis. Our STA-BIL gas stabilizer is the leading fuel stabilizer on the market, so it was only logical that we create a formulation offering the same protective benefits to those with diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.”

Today’s reformulated Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and bio-fuels can degrade at a more rapid rate than diesel fuels used in the past, Grijalva said.

“This can cause darkening of the fuel, as well as sludge and sediment formation within the fuel tank, leading to the plugging of fuel filters, starting problems, poor engine performance and reduced engine life,” he said, adding that Diesel Formula STA-BIL prevents sludge and sediment from forming in the fuel, protects against corrosion, reduces oxidation of diesel fuel caused by thermal breakdown, and helps remove water from diesel fuel which bacteria, fungus and algae require to grow.

It also contains extra lubricity and detergents to protect and clean the entire fuel system.

Grijalva said Diesel Formula STA-BIL is safe to use in ALL diesel fuels including ULSD and bio-diesels, and can be used in ANY diesel engine, including marine and agricultural equipment. It’s available in both a 32-ounce and gallon size, treating 320 gallons and 1,280 gallons respectively.

Details on the full line of Gold Eagle products can be obtained at or by calling (800) 621-1251.

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