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Harrison community, students pledge safe driving

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
FexEx Freight and the CVSA hosted the three-day safe driving rally at Harrison, Ark. (Courtesy: FEDEX)
FexEx Freight and the CVSA hosted the three-day safe driving rally at Harrison, Ark. (Courtesy: FEDEX)

HARRISON, Ark. — Local high school students and community members here gathered recently to make a pledge to safe driving.

The three-day Community Safe Driving Rally Oct. 16-18 and hosted by FedEx Freight and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), taught drivers of all ages the importance of sharing the road safely with tractor-trailers and avoiding the dangers of distracted driving.

Representatives from FedEx, CVSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, National Organization for Youth Safety and the Arkansas Highway Police shared remarks emphasizing this importance of safe driving habits during a special presentation.

After the presentation, drivers were encouraged to sign a pledge that they would not text while driving.

“The safety of our roads is something that directly impacts each and every one of us,” said Rodney Myers, managing director of Safety for FedEx Freight. “As a transportation company, anything that we can do to improve the safety of our community and our nation’s roads is worth investing in.”

Captains from America’s Road Team, an elite team of professional drivers dedicated to safety, led attendees through several educational demonstrations.

Participants were able to climb behind the wheel of a tractor to view the truck’s blind spots, the areas to the sides and rear of a tractor-trailer where a driver may not be able to see a passenger vehicle.





The captains also demonstrated tractor-trailer stopping distance, the effects of a roll-over crash and proper seat belt use, in addition to leading distracted driving and impaired driving simulators.  Local fire and rescue departments were on hand to demonstrate their life-saving tools and skills.

“FedEx Freight is proud to support this cause,” Myers said.  “If it helps prevent one person from being injured in an accident, then it is worth it.”

With corporate offices in Memphis, Tenn., the FedEx Freight Segment includes FedEx Freight, a leading U.S. provider of LTL freight services; FedEx Freight Canada, an LTL operating company serving most points in Canada; and FedEx Custom Critical, North America’s largest time-specific, critical shipment carrier.  FedEx Freight also serves Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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