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Intermodal coalition issues new ‘Freight Can’t Wait’ booklet emphasizing infrastructure needs

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WASHINGTON — The Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC) today at its annual meeting issued its new “Freight Can’t Wait” booklet, which highlights 43 freight projects of regional and national significance in need of federal partnership.

From road, intersection and interchange improvements to the Port of Tacoma, Washington, in the West, to the Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal project in the Central U.S. to infrastructure improvements to Port Miami in the East, the report makes a case for “direct federal investment in freight infrastructure” which “dollar for dollar, yields a high return, creating construction jobs in the immediacy, and in the long term, bolstering the infrastructure that moves commerce,” said Tim Lovain, CAGTC chairman and executive vice president of crossroads strategies.

“As Congress and the administration consider a large-scale infrastructure investment package to address transportation needs, CAGTC calls for a robust contribution for goods moving infrastructure.”

“Dollar-making freight infrastructure investment, the hallmark of a large-scale investment program, presents a unique opportunity to both attract and retain domestic manufacturing and strengthen U.S. infrastructure, both of which are goals held by the administration,” Lovain said, adding that new research by CAGTC includes examples of freight projects across the country that stand to benefit manufacturing supply chains and the economy as a whole. 

The CAGTC made the announcement during Infrastructure Week May 15-19 to highlight freight project needs.

Infrastructure week brings together businesses, elected officials and members of the public at the local, state and federal levels to participate in a series of media events, projects, talks, initiatives and activities to shine the light on the nation’s need for an across-the-board infrastructure fix. “We are proud to participate in Infrastructure Week by bringing our membership together to draw attention to the freight network’s critical role supporting economic competitiveness in the world marketplace,” said CAGTC Executive Director Elaine Nessle. “CAGTC’s ‘Freight Can’t Wait’ booklet highlights projects across various modes and throughout the country, all seeking federal partnership.”

Since its formation 16 years ago, CAGTC said it “has supported the development of a multimodal freight-specific grant program that distributes money to meritorious projects on a competitive basis, using economically-driven criteria. A commitment to investment in goods movement and dedicated funding for a freight program is critical for America to ensure a safe, efficient, reliable, multimodal supply chain that will continue to stoke the engine of commerce and support job growth.”

CAGTC is a diverse coalition of more than 60 public and private organizations dedicated to increasing federal investment in America’s intermodal freight infrastructure. In contrast to single mode interests, CAGTC’s main mission is to promote a seamless goods movement transportation system across all modes to enhance capacity and economic growth.

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