Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kansas’ WICHway traffic alerts available by text or e-mail

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

WICHITA, Kan. — WICHway, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) on Wichita’s highways, is offering a new feature sending subscribers texts and/or e-mails that share special traffic alerts created by operators at the WICHway Traffic Management Center.

The alerts are created when a traffic problem such as a major crash, a highway closure or a similar event causes a significant disruption on a Wichita highway.

The alerts are an extension of the WICHway website (www.WICHway.org), an informational

resource the public can consult before traveling on Wichita’s highways.

The website adjusts to the type of device being used — a computer, a tablet or a smartphone

— and can be bookmarked on a smartphone so that it performs similarly to an app. A short video showing how to bookmark any page from the site can be viewed at KDOT’s YouTube page at

www.bit.ly/WwBookmark.WICHway shares information that is gathered from 55 roadside cameras and 63 traffic sensors.

Messages are displayed on 25 electronic message signs, shared on the website and can now

Be sent to subscribers so that travelers, commuters, freight operators and others using Wichita’s

highways can make informed decisions about their route.

To subscribe to WICHway alerts, create an account at My Kansas 511 (www.safetravelusa.com/ks/cp511) and select Wichita WICHway Alerts.

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