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Keeping healthy best way to fight what life throws at you

Monday, January 18, 2010

You have to make a commitment to yourself that you will do all you can to be sure you’re healthy.
You have to make a commitment to yourself that you will do all you can to be sure you’re healthy.

Well here we are, another holiday season, the end of another year and the beginning of a new one.

Every year at this time I, probably like you, think about that elusive commodity … time. It is always unbelievable to me that Christmas and the new year are here again. It seems I just bought presents, reflected on the meaning of Christmas and wished everyone a happy 2009 just last Saturday.

And, you can correct me if I’m wrong, but each year it seems the holidays get closer and closer!

This year for us has been a whirlwind of growth and change in our personal lives and business. We’ve had family tragedy, laughter, tears, new friends and family, lost friends and family, reconnections and lost connections. Been saints and sinners, won some battles lost some, fell down, got back up.

We have taken two steps forward and only one step back, we have been the windshield but have taken our turn at being the bug and we certainly have had our share of being the ball instead of the bat.

I’ve yinged when I should of yanged, kept my eyes shut when they should have been open. Said the right things and, of course, said the wrong things.

I have argued points with vigor and conviction only to discover that in some instances, I was wrong. I have been disgusted and angry when I should have loved and I have been self-centered when I should have been sharing.

Amazingly, all of these things and all of this time have passed in the blink of an eye.

Does this all sound familiar? Although it is somewhat my confession I might be, just possibly, speaking for two or three or thousands of us who have traveled the same kind of road this past year.

Living life is a series of bumpy roads, smooth pavement and an occasional jackknife.

Even without our help life can dish out some pretty amazing pitfalls and put scars on the best of both men and women with a cache of weapons we have never dreamed of.

Yet, most of us are not content with that; we have to add our own self centered opinions and unplanned plans just to make life more interesting and complicated.

Well my friends, with the understanding that promoting good health is my business, I can only relay my insights from this perspective.

You can only do your best and make up for lost time by trying to be as healthy as possible. You need to be at the top of your game spiritually, mentally and physically to cope with and solve problems. You have to try your best at being healthy to feel and appreciate the love, the laughter and the joy of living.

More importantly you have to make a commitment to yourself that you will do all you can to be sure you’re healthy. You don’t want this to be the year you became a burden to your family and friends because of illness or because of death.

This holiday season you and I need to listen more, share more, right the wrong, fix the broken, mend the fence, give with our hearts, love with our souls and find a way to enjoy every minute we have left.

Can’t do anything of those things if we are sick because of self-inflicted neglect or we’re dead.

This year, next year, for the last 15 years and hopefully the next 15 years, Fitness Road, Rebecca and I have been and will be, here to help you stay on the healthy side. We’ll help you cope with or overcome health issues that you may be dealing with.

You are more than welcome to visit the new Fitness Road Wellness Center in Tempe Arizona just off the I-10 and Baseline Road. We do have room for you to park your rig and would certainly like to see you just to talk or help you down the road to good health.

You can contact us toll free at (888) 348-7623, call the office at (480) 708-9293. You can also get insight into our products and services by getting on the Web site,

God bless you and yours, Mick


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