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Mack MVASIST and OneCall Complete Care integrated

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
The new program is able to dramatically improve service processes and boost customer satisfaction, Mack officials said. (Courtesy: MACK TRUCKS)
The new program is able to dramatically improve service processes and boost customer satisfaction, Mack officials said. (Courtesy: MACK TRUCKS)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Mack Trucks has integrated a new capability into its MVASIST program that the company said will make coordinating fleet repairs and maintenance easier.

MVASIST is a web-based system that lets fleet managers, service providers and now MVASIST and the MACK OneCall Complete Care customer support network work together in real time to expedite repairs and maximize uptime, the company announced.

Developed through a partnership between Decisiv Inc. and Mack, MVASIST gives fleet customers the technology to improve communications, manage costs, reduce downtime and maximize performance for every truck, according to Dave Albert, Mack customer satisfaction program manager.






At the same time, the Mack service network is able to dramatically improve service processes and boost customer satisfaction, he said.

The original MVASIST platform increased the efficiency of the service process by pulling together historically separate silos of information and placing them within a single web portal, Albert said.  Now, Mack and Decisiv have integrated MVASIST with the Mack OneCall support network.

Mack OneCall provides customers with fast, reliable, 24/7 access to trained technicians capable of diagnosing and troubleshooting repair, routine service or warranty work.

The combination of MVASIST and OneCall gives fleets a turnkey system for breakdown support and service management and maintenance.

“This unique platform allows dealers to deliver what fleet executives have identified as their most pressing needs, including clear communication on the Dave Albert said.     

Mack customers, already familiar with OneCall, will appreciate the added benefit of more effective and efficient communication when they need it most, Albert said, adding that a OneCall technician will arrange for towing or repair at a nearby Mack service center.

Using MVASIST, the service center will then be able to communicate directly and accurately with fleet decision-makers, he said.

Mack dealers and service providers use MVASIST to assemble consistent, complete, professional estimates of service recommendations, including standard repair times, regardless of which dealer in the Mack network performs the service.

The system also delivers fleet and vehicle-specific information, including warranty coverage and previously negotiated parts pricing.  The fleet manager has the ability to authorize or deny service steps, share information and options, and receive status alerts during the entire service event.

“Before MVASIST, the servicing dealer and the fleet would typically go through numerous phone conversations, voicemail, faxes and email, involving significant amounts of time.  With MVASIST, all communications, estimates and related documents for the service event and the vehicle involved are linked into one online folder,” Albert said.  “With MVASIST, confusion is eliminated, time is saved, repairs are done efficiently and trucks get back on the road faster.”

MVASIST also allows the option of being proactive in planning and scheduling routine inspections and service.   A service advisor can recommend appropriate maintenance, and fleet managers can, at a glance, see the vehicle’s history and decide on additional service.”

A majority of dealers in the Mack network are currently enrolled in the MVASIST system, with full participation planned for the end of 2010.

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