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New DEF locator Web site announced at MATS

Friday, March 26, 2010
David Uschwald, vice president North America for a new DEF locator site, pulls up the Web site for the media during MATS.
David Uschwald, vice president North America for a new DEF locator site, pulls up the Web site for the media during MATS.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —The Mid-America Trucking Show here was the site Friday for the launch of, a locator service created to let truckers and other DEF users know where to find and buy the product, which will be used in a majority of 2010 engines.

Spokesmen said the locator service, which lists 1,400 to 1,600 DEF retail sites now with up to 5,000 added in the next month, promises to be more usable, wide-ranging and more current than a locator site started earlier by the Department of Energy.

All OEMs except one are using selective catalytic reduction or SCR in their 2010 engines and all SCR engines will require the urea-based DEF as a catalyst in the emissions reduction process.

The sites will include Canada as well, said David L. Uschwald, vice president North America for Integer, the company responsible for the site and also the company which created the AdBlue DEF locator in Europe.

The site is at, and Uschwald said it will be a handy tool for drivers and fleets alike, adding that Integer also has begun to interface with GPS suppliers.

 “It is through our partnerships with the truck manufacturers, DEF suppliers, the American Petroleum Institute and our mapping technology partner Telogis that we are able to offer truck drivers across North America their first and only stop for finding DEF,” said Tim Cheyne, principal at Integer.

The site will be free to users and will help drivers quickly find a supply of API-certified DEF at a suitable location, whether it be a truck stop, OEM dealership, retail outlet or fleet terminal supplier, said spokesmen.

The Web site also offers information about DEF and SCR and will be updated periodically to keep users abreast of developments in the U.S. and Canadian DEF markets.

Integer is partnering with the following companies for the service: Cummins; Daimler Trucks North America; Mack Trucks; the American Petroleum Institute; Air1 from Yara and Mansfield Oil; AiRx from Airgas; BlueDEF from Old World Industries Inc.; TerraCair from Terra and Brenntag; and Telogis.

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