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Pegasus TransTech re-launches TRANSFLO Express website

Monday, November 7, 2011
Drivers can still access scanned documents on the re-launched TRANSFLO Express website. (Courtesy: PEGASUS TRANSTECH)
Drivers can still access scanned documents on the re-launched TRANSFLO Express website. (Courtesy: PEGASUS TRANSTECH)

TAMPA, Fla. — Pegasus TransTech has re-launched its TRANSFLO Express website at transfloexpress.com with what the company calls “greatly improved navigation and interactive features to help customers find and drive to TRANSFLO Express locations and to provide improved access to Pegasus TransTech for support and information as well as quick access to scanned documents.”

Pegasus TransTech is a provider of document management software, workflow management solutions and truck-stop, in-cab, and smart-phone scanning for the transportation industry.

The redesign makes it easier for fleets, truck stops, and drivers to navigate the site and find what they need quickly, according to Bob Helms, chairman and CEO. For example, TRANSFLO Express truck stop scanning locations appear on clear, understandable Google maps that can be explored without leaving the TRANSFLO Express web site, he said.

“You click on a region to see individual locations, each of which is indicated by a pinpoint, to see that specific location name and address,” Helms said.

If you select the "get directions" option, you go to a Google page with an aerial view of the actual truck stop and "get directions" dialogue boxes.

The truck stop address is already in place. All you need to do is enter your current location. Google does the rest, providing turn-by-turn directions, the likely travel time, and the number of miles involved.

"The idea, as always, is to make TRANSFLO Express as easy as possible to use while delivering the highest quality images possible," Helms said. "The redesigned website takes a long stride in that direction."

On the site users can also download an entire list of TRANSFLO Express locations in either Excel or PDF formats.

"At the moment there are more than 800 locations in the U.S. and Canada — the most of any transportation scanning network — and the list keeps growing," Helms said.

One thing has not changed, he noted.

Drivers can still visit the site to access their scanned documents. On the TRANSFLO Express home page drivers can simply click on "view documents" in the upper right-hand corner. They enter the unique confirmation number provided at the time of the scan and the documents will appear.

The "view documents" function also works with documents scanned in the cab, at home or in virtually any location using TRANSFLO Now!

The same is true of paperwork submitted using TRANSFLO Now! Mobile with an iPhone, Helms said, adding that the confirmation number provided in each case will produce the associated documents on the TRANSFLO Express website.

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