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Rand McNally expands portfolio for professional drivers

Friday, August 25, 2017

Above is the Rand McNally TND 540 on-dash device. (Courtesy: RAND MCNALLY)
Above is the Rand McNally TND 540 on-dash device. (Courtesy: RAND MCNALLY)

DALLAS — Rand McNally August 24 officially launched three new driver solutions that address cab connectivity, advanced navigation, and electronic logging at the Great American Trucking Show.

Following the early May launch of the OverDryve 8 Pro — an all-in-one dashboard device with hands-free connected features, navigation, SiriusXM radio and an 8-inch screen — Rand McNally Thursday announced the OverDryve 7 Pro, with a 7-inch screen and all the same functionality. The OverDryve 7 Pro, part of Rand McNally’s OverDryve OS Connected Vehicle platform, is also ELD-ready, according to a Rand McNally news release.

The company also introduced a dedicated truck navigation GPS device, the TND 540, which replaces the TND 530 and represents the fifth generation 5-inch TND device.  Several months ago, the company launched the fifth-generation 7-inch device, the TND 740. The new device, with a 5-inch, high-definition screen, rounds out the company’s dedicated truck GPS portfolio.

And, as the ELD mandate approaches December 18, Rand McNally also has developed an inventive Wi-Fi-1 and cellular-enabled device that snaps together with the highly popular TND 740 truck GPS device to add compliant electronic logging to the device. For those drivers looking to minimize the number of devices in the cab, using the new DC 200 S module in conjunction with the TND 740 creates an all-in-one solution.

“Our focus is to constantly innovate and develop new products that help streamline the daily drives and businesses of professional drivers,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally. “This most recent expansion of our portfolio provides options that meet head-on new regulations, increased safety requirements, and the wishes of drivers looking for ways to make their on-duty and off-duty time more enjoyable.”

Rand McNally made the announcement on the opening day of the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

The new lineup includes:

  • OverDryve 7 Pro, with a slightly smaller screen-size that doesn’t sacrifice any features of the original OverDryve 8 Pro. It features a bright, 7-inch high-resolution screen that provides access to key items at a glance
  • Rand McNally truck-specific navigation and routing with truck POIs, advanced lane guidance, toll costs, warnings, and fuel logs
  • Hands-free calling and texting
  • Voice assistance
  • Audible news, weather, traffic, sports and more
  • Music from drivers’ favorite sources
  • A built-in dash camera
  • A magnetic mount that makes attaching and removing the device easy
  • Room in the mount that can hold an additional GPS receiver as well as a built-in SiriusXM radio, and
  • It comes pre-loaded with the Rand McNally DriverConnect2 logbook app which can be paired with a compatible Rand McNally ELD device to provide a fully compliant electronic logging solution.

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The TND 540, Rand McNally’s dedicated truck GPS device with a 5-inch screen, has been redesigned with upgraded features and technology.

The TND 540 includes:

  • A high resolution 5-inch screen with a bright display
  • Seamless, over-the-air map updates
  • Smooth and responsive award-winning truck navigation
  • Millions of truck POIs along with weather, traffic, and fuel prices along the route
  • Updated and simplified icons for easier at-a-glance recognition
  • Audio-out capability, enabling drivers to route their device sound through their truck audio systems
  • Twice as much storage capacity as previous generations
  • Powerful quad core processor for faster routing and actions, and
  • The Rand McNally DriverConnect2 logbook app which can be paired with a compatible Rand McNally ELD device to provide a fully compliant electronic logging solution.

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The DC 200 S takes all of the features of Rand McNally’s DC 200 E-Log and fleet management device, and turns it into a compact “slice” that snaps together with the TND 740 to create an all-in-one ELD and GPS system.

The DC 200 S replaces the TND 740’s “slice,” magnetically snapping together with the GPS device and sliding onto the magnetic mount.

The DC 200 S easily installs into the truck’s JBUS diagnostic port using a single Y cable that powers both the TND 740 and DC 200 S.

A built-in cellular modem in the DC 200 S sends data continuously to the Rand McNally Driver Connect web portal, which provides access to 6 months of logs and more.

The DC 200 S automatically works with the Rand McNally DriverConnect2 app, which comes pre-installed on the TND 740, and detaches easily for roadside inspections

Various levels of subscriptions and features are available for drivers as well as for larger fleets.

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All three devices will be demonstrated at booth No. 9005 at the Great American Trucking Show here August 24 - 26.

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