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Rand McNally introduces enhancements to line of GPS devices

Friday, August 27, 2010
Built from the ground up for the over-the-road professional truck driver, the IntelliRoute TND comes with constant updates and upgrades. (Courtesy: RAND MCNALLY)
Built from the ground up for the over-the-road professional truck driver, the IntelliRoute TND comes with constant updates and upgrades. (Courtesy: RAND MCNALLY)

DALLAS —  Rand McNally on Thursday introduced enhancements to its line of GPS devices at the Great American Trucking Show under way here.

Built from the ground up for the over-the-road professional truck driver, the IntelliRoute TND comes with constant updates and upgrades, according to Dave Muscatel, CEO.

Software enhancements include:

• State-by-state mileage data reporting.  This feature enables drivers to export mileage information from their IntelliRoute TND to a spreadsheet.  A Rand McNally exclusive, this report function allows drivers to track toll vs. non-toll miles by state or province for IFTA Fuel Tax reporting. Drivers can review the data by quarter or by day, by state and/or province.





• Enhanced voice warning system. Providing a slew of warnings of what’s around the corner or down the road, the enhanced system allows drivers to make adjustments ahead of time. While the IntelliRoute TND has offered warnings from its inception, the enhanced warnings alert drivers to sharp curves, steep hills, speed limit changes, over speed limit indicator, state boundaries, road construction, time zone changes and on/off duty changes. 

• “Am I Close?” feature. As drivers are approaching their final destination, address ranges and street name will display on the status bar.  Drivers may customize the point at which the feature will appear.

• Driver controlled auto re-route. When a driver needs to pull off the road for a brief stop, or is taking a dispatcher-directed route, auto-re-route can be paused and then resumed later, reducing unnecessary voice and directions activity.

• Full-route text preview. This user-requested enhancement gives a quick text display of the entire route at a highway level so that drivers know in advance which roads they will travel.

• Enhanced help and tips. IntelliRoute TND users can select a level of on-device assistance that meets their needs. Choose from FAQs, New Tips, What’s New, and Tutorial options to enhance the user experience.

• Full Spanish and French language functionality. Text and verbal translations enable drivers who use English as a second language to fully utilize the product with minimal distraction.

The enhancements can be downloaded free to registered IntelliRoute TND owners via the IntelliRoute TND Dock in September.

“Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND has delivered many innovations to the truck-specific GPS market,” Muscatel said. “This latest round of enhancements continues to round out the unit as a complete, critical business tool for the professional driver,” said Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally.”

In addition to new features, the IntelliRoute TND Dock offers ongoing updates.

“The ability for IntelliRoute TND users to communicate directly with Rand McNally and our ability to respond with program enhancements has been one of the most successful aspects of our IntelliRoute TND program,” said Dave Marsh, director of research and development at Rand McNally, said. “Drivers do a tremendous job moving America’s goods every day and we appreciate their eyes and ears on the road as well.”

Rand McNally announced that it will be providing its IntelliRoute TND truck navigation via the iPad.  Available in late 2010, the application includes the key features of the IntelliRoute TND software, ported over to work exclusively on the iPad product.

“The iPad is just one more example of Rand McNally’s ability to provide mapping and navigation content in a multitude of formats.   Whether drivers or other consumers need an atlas for the family vacation, maps and directions via the internet for point-to-point directions, specialized trucking routes via a GPS unit, or now are looking for navigation via an iPad, Rand McNally  delivers,” Muscatel said.

The IntelliRoute TND is available in truck stop and online retailers nationwide.

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