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Ryder System launches Ryder NaviShare for greater shipment visibility

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

NaviShare provides real-time information regarding load status, tracking status, carriers, shippers, customers, origins, and destinations. (Courtesy: RYDER SYSTEM)
NaviShare provides real-time information regarding load status, tracking status, carriers, shippers, customers, origins, and destinations. (Courtesy: RYDER SYSTEM)

MIAMI — Ryder System has launched Ryder NaviShare, a cloud-based platform that provides real-time shipment visibility, predictive alerts and exception dashboards.

Ryder’s deep engineering expertise, combined with features that enable real-time exception handling, routing, and analytics, make NaviShare the ultimate tool in logistics network management and customer service, according to Steve Sensing, president of global supply chain solutions at Ryder.

The technology is accessible through a customer-facing website and mobile application that utilizes cellular and GPS technology to link shippers with onboard vehicle technologies.

The system, which is currently being used by key customers, provides real-time visibility and event management capabilities to shippers, and delivers information updates and routing instructions to drivers.

NaviShare will be available to all Ryder customers in North America in the third quarter of 2017.

“We took an innovative approach in developing Ryder NaviShare by collaborating with several of our customers who were seeking greater network visibility and proactive event management around their shipments,” said Sensing. “Ryder’s unparalleled engineering and analytics expertise are at the core of this unique tool, enabling us to make our customers’ supply chains more efficient than ever before. NaviShare ultimately gives our customers the ability to cut costs and improve operating efficiencies, all through a simple, digital experience. The end result is better customer service.”

NaviShare provides real-time information regarding load status, tracking status, carriers, shippers, customers, origins, and destinations.

The underlying visibility technology behind this platform was developed in partnership with FourKites, a provider of real-time tracking and supply chain visibility solutions. A user – which can be a shipper, carrier/driver, or dispatcher — is able to toggle among multiple features for each load, including stops, maps, updates, and messages.

If there is a delay in a shipment while in transit, NaviShare alerts the shipper and recipient, and provides the shipper with a list of re-routing options.

The software application also has the capability to track shipments at a SKU/part level and to monitor the condition of the load.

The NaviShare platform is transportation management system agnostic.

The front-end user experience is combined with Ryder’s logistics engineering services on the backend to deliver the most proactive and unique platform in the industry today. In industry focus groups, potential users were particularly drawn to the platform’s ability to integrate data from 3PLs, carriers, brokers, and private fleets into a single real-time visibility and decision tool. 

NaviShare is currently deployed with key customers in the retail and automotive industry environments, including retailer-owned hardware cooperative True Value.

“With over 3,300 retail locations in the U.S., we count on Ryder to make regular multi-stop deliveries for our retailers,” said Robert Hudec, director of Outbound Transportation, True Value. “Naturally, time is gained or lost in the process of making anywhere from one to 15 stops. For that reason, it is essential that our retailers are able to pinpoint exactly where their deliveries are, as well as when they’ll arrive at their destinations. With NaviShare, they’re not only able to attain this level of visibility, but they’re also now better equipped to make critical decisions around factors that impact their business, such as labor management.”

The advantages available through NaviShare are multi-faceted.

Customers with products to ship will have the ability to be more proactive and better equipped to deal with any unexpected shipment issues that may arise.

The sooner they are made aware of a delay, for instance, the sooner they are able to address it. As a result of increased visibility to loads and accurate delivery times, the productivity of all participants in the shipping process will also improve. Additionally, NaviShare facilitates streamlined communications for both drivers and carriers. Since the software technology provides load status/estimated time of arrival in real-time, the system will eliminate the burden on the dispatcher or any one individual to follow up on a late shipment. The tool will also have a positive impact on consumers by helping improve the speed of products to market, reducing the number of out-of-stock scenarios, and making it possible to know when and where a shipment may be in the case that a desired product is not on the shelf.

Later this year, NaviShare will activate additional advanced planning and analytics features, enabling freight capacity sharing, as well as management of shipments through predictive alerts for weather and traffic delays. With these enhanced capabilities, the NaviShare tool and Ryder logistics engineers will naturally be able to prescribe immediate solutions that minimize impact to both cost and service.

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