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Safety Tips: Computerized trucking

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Bottom line — Computers are entrenched in trucking.
Bottom line — Computers are entrenched in trucking.

Do you ever feel you are caught up in too much in computer technology? You just want to deliver the freight and leave the paperwork to somebody else. 

A driver in Missouri attended a safety meeting one Saturday morning. His company introduced new computer technology that was installed. It was going to be monitoring their driving habits while on the road. The driver became very upset after the meeting and quit his job on the spot.

His complaint was that he was not going to have "big brother" watching his every move. He felt his driving ability and performance should speak for itself. Coming from his position, he had a legitimate complaint.

But going further, his complaint stemmed from his preconceived ideas about computers and more importantly his fear of 21st century technology. He will find another job. However, if technology isn’t what he likes, he will continue having to find jobs as more companies become computerized.

Evaluating computerized trucking, we find:

 1. Yes, "big brother" will be watching but so what. Professional truckers couldn’t care less as they are not doing anything improper. The computer will only confirm that you are a good driver.

 2. Time for call in and dispatch is eliminated as you need only to punch in the numbers on the keyboard. And it will not be difficult to operate. If you do make a mistake — it will become a learning experience.

 3. The other conveniences such as wake up calls, monitoring reefer units while you sleep, location points, directions, etc will outweigh the disadvantages.

Bottom line — Computers are entrenched in trucking. If we have not already, we will laugh at our rejection of the computer eventually.

That's the way I see it.

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