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Shell Lubricants announces redesigned product portfolio, new engine oil category

Friday, February 10, 2012
The new engine oil category is being driven by new heavy-duty engine emissions regulations and new greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel economy standards.
The new engine oil category is being driven by new heavy-duty engine emissions regulations and new greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel economy standards.

PARK CITY, Utah – Shell Lubricants is rolling out its redesigned global portfolio of its products, company officials said here today, along with an announcement of the formation of a new engine oil category, PC-11 or Proposed Category 11.

The new product portfolio includes transmission fluids, gearbox oils, mobile hydraulic oils, gear and axle oils, and greases for on- and off-highway vehicles and equipment.  The simplified product lineup is designed to make selecting the proper level of protection easier, Shell officials said.

The new engine oil category is being driven by new heavy-duty engine emissions regulations and new greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel economy standards.

The new category is being developed by oil companies and marketers, OEMs, additive companies and other stakeholders and must be in place by Jan. 1, 2016, which is when OEMs must have new engine technology up and running. Development of the new category is expected to take about four years, according to Dan Arcy, OEM technical manager, Shell Global Solutions.

The new category is needed because of:

·         Changes in engine hardware that better represent new technology in the marketplace since the last category was approved in 2006

·         Engine test obsolescence (older hardware expected to become unavailable), and because

·         There is almost 10 years between categories.

The PC-11 should provide improvements in oxidation stability; aeration benefits; shear stability; compatibility with biodiesel blends; and scuffing/adhesive wear.

The Engine Manufacturers Association recommends that the PC-11 category be split into two separate and distinct subcategories associated with fuel efficiency with corresponding performance levels: one that preserves historical heavy-duty oil criteria (Higher High Temperature/High Shear  (HTHS); and one that provides fuel efficiency benefits while maintaining durability (Lower HTHS).

Meanwhile, Shell has simplified its product offerings as follows: Shell Donax and Shell Dentax products have been consolidated under the Shell Spirax brand of gear oils, axle oils and transmission fluids.  All grease products are now under the Shell Gadus brand.  Shell Retinax, Shell Rhodina, Shell Albida and Shell Alvania are among the products now in the Shell Gadus portfolio.

“We developed our simplified portfolio of premium gear oils, hydraulic oils and greases to enable vehicle and equipment operators to select the products designed to deliver optimum value to their operations,” said Arcy.  “These products can help improve system efficiency and ultimately help maximize productivity.”

The Shell Lubricants fleet and construction industry portfolios are designed to help maximize efficiency and help reduce cost of operation based on application and service. The products were developed over many years of working with some of the world’s leading vehicle and equipment manufacturers.  Shell Lubricants has developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing trucking fleets and construction equipment operators and has used this knowledge and experience to create technology-leading products.

Simplified lineup makes selecting the right product easy

The redesigned portfolio features new packaging labels and product guides to aid choice, using new names, color coding and visual icons to indicate individual performance benefits. These changes are also designed to help reduce the risk of product misapplication in the factory environment. As part of the redesign, Shell Lubricants also standardized packaging across the entire portfolio to make storage and stacking easier.

Shell Lubricants’ new portfolio of lubricants and greases is being rolled out globally, enabling a consistent product offering from market to market and enabling increased security of product supply. With many operations under pressure to maximize efficiency and increase output, the launch of the new lineup provides an ideal opportunity for customers to re-evaluate their lubricant needs.

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

In addition, Shell Lubricants also offers the Shell Rotella Energized Protection product portfolio which is led by three premium heavy-duty engine oils that are part of a tiered, easy to understand ladder of protection.  They include Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic, Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend Technology and Shell Rotella T Triple Protection engine oils.

All Shell Rotella heavy duty oils provide protection in three critical areas by helping to control acids, deposits and wear. The adaptive technology in Shell Rotella allows the oil to protect across all driving conditions, physically or chemically reacting to the ever-changing needs of an engine.

Working with the fleet industry

Whether it’s to cut the cost-per-mile of long-haul operations by reducing fuel consumption or to extend short-haul vehicle life with protection under severe start-stop driving conditions, Shell Lubricants has a wide range of lubricants designed to meet vehicle needs.  In addition, extended oil-drain intervals and exhaust after-treatment devices put additional demands on the lubricants.  Shell Lubricants is continually developing its products to help reduce operating costs and keep vehicles working efficiently.  Shell Lubricants has long-standing relationships with many of the leading equipment manufacturers. Shell Lubricants offers a comprehensive range of products that are approved by or meet the specifications of leading vehicle manufacturers such as:

·         Freightliner

·         Navistar

·         Kenworth

·         Peterbilt

·         Mack

·         Volvo

Construction equipment often needs to operate in remote off-highway locations with a range of climatic conditions, which can put additional demands on the lubricants. Shell Lubricants offers a comprehensive range of products that are approved by or meet the specifications of leading equipment manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, JCB, Sany, Volvo and others.  Shell Lubricants also supports the development of new industry performance specifications for on- and off-highway by working with international organizations, such as ACEA, API and JASO.

For further information about the Shell Lubricants products for the fleet and construction industries, customers can visit and for more information about Shell Rotella heavy duty engine oils visit

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