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TeleType offers routing app for iPhone and iPad

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
The SmartTruckRoute app for iPhone and iPad includes visual and voice turn-by-turn instructions.
The SmartTruckRoute app for iPhone and iPad includes visual and voice turn-by-turn instructions.

BOSTON — TeleType has released the SmartTruckRoute app for iPhone and iPad.

The app connects to in-house truck routing servers located in Boston, Massachusetts to allow commercial drivers to use the built-in GPS of the phone or tablet to create truck specific routes with the added benefits of live map updates and live traffic, according to Marleen Winer, vice president.

Winer noted that TeleType pioneered the use of portable GPS for truck navigation beginning in 2008 and said the company also offered the first cloud based truck routing app for the Android operating system.

Winer said the newly-released software takes into account commercial truck restrictions as well as the vehicle height and weight. SmartTruckRoute helps drivers avoid

costly tickets and provides additional safety. Turn by turn visual and voice instructions allow the driver to use the handset hands free when navigating, she said.

“Drivers have indicated their preference for using their phones and tablets as primary tools of the trade and appreciate the cloud based efficiency for providing a convenient, cost effective way to obtain instant truck specific routes for navigation,” Winer said.

Winer listed the key features and benefits of the new release:

• Maps, routing and restrictions updated daily with a pro-active database update for temporary restrictions as well as driver feedback loop.

• Quick method of validating a truck route with the convenience of using smartphones or tablets and built-in GPS for turn by turn navigation.

• Routing considerations include low bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, sharp turns and allowances.

• Visual and voice turn-by-turn instructions.

• Navigation panel offers large type for critical information such as distance to turn, distance to go, time to destination and street names.

• Hazmat restrictions by class to avoid tunnels and other restricted areas as appropriate.

• Navigation does not interrupt other functions of the phone therefore the driver can talk simultaneously while SmartTruckRoute is in use.

SmartTruckRoute is available for Android and Apple iOS.

Apple plans begin as low as $9.99.

For more information, visit or call (617) 542-6220.

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