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TrakLok International Enhances Cargo Access Control Platform

Friday, April 10, 2015
TrakLok International upgrades its capability to support FSMA reporting requirements
TrakLok International upgrades its capability to support FSMA reporting requirements

Knoxville, TN – TrakLok International LLC, a firm specializing in trailer and container access control, announced today it has upgraded its reporting function to support compliance with the reporting requirements for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  While electronic access control is common for facility security, trailer and container access control are traditionally mechanical only systems requiring manual recording and reporting of events.

The TrakLok device is an electromechanical system that provides an integrated access control, tracking and sensor/alarm platform.  The system protects cargo integrity by monitoring lock and latch status changes, and providing enter/exit Geofence alerts.  Key personnel are notified of alerts and alarms by emails and text messages.

“The FSMA requirements provided a unique opportunity for our engineering team to advance our reporting capability to meet food supply chain logistic customers’ needs,” said Tom Mann, president of TrakLok. “Post trip reporting adds another layer to our electronic locking solution, integrated sensor/alarm platform, wireless communications and GPS tracking system.”


About TrakLok LLC.

The TrakLok® cargo access control system includes: a hardened lock that withstands prying, cutting, or impact tools; an integrated alarm that sends alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo; and a GPS tracking system with a cloud-based Web portal allowing real-time information on location and cargo integrity. For more information, please go to

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