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Truck writers name finalists for Technical Achievement Award

Thursday, February 12, 2015
The five finalists for the Technical Achievement Award were chosen by a committee of the Truck Writers of North America from more than one dozen entries.
The five finalists for the Technical Achievement Award were chosen by a committee of the Truck Writers of North America from more than one dozen entries.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Truck Writers of North America has named five finalists for its 2014 Technical Achievement Award.

The winner will be announced during the Technology & Maintenance Council's annual meeting here on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Aperia Technologies' Halo Tire Inflator. Aperia's Halo Tire Inflator is a bolt-on device that uses the wheel's own rotational motion to drive an internal pump that operates on a principle similar to a self-winding watch. Aperia says Halo can be used on drive and trailer axles.

Dana's Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem drive axles.The Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle is the first linehaul axle to feature Dana’s AdvanTEK gearing, which is said to withstand 30 percent higher input torque and enable more than 2 percent improved vehicle efficiency. Dana says the axles are up to 21 pounds lighter than competitive standard tandem axles.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel camera system. Fontaine Fifth Wheel's patent-pending camera system uses two video cameras mounted back-to-back behind the truck’s fifth wheel to give the driver a clear picture of both the fifth wheel and approaching trailer when hooking up a trailer.

Peterson LumenX Series 7 LED. Peterson claims its LumenX Series 7 safety lights use the latest white-diode LEDs and optics engineered for efficient light dispersal. Peterson says the entire lens illuminates fully, with no hot spots or dead zones regardless of viewing angle.

Webb Wheel's Vortex Unlimited vented brake drum. Webb claims the patent-pending vents increase air flow through the drum reducing operating temperatures by 15 percebt which can improve brake performance and add 25 percent to the life of the drum.

The award finalists were chosen by the association's Technical Achievement Award committee, including Paul Abelson of Road King and Land Line magazines, John Baxter of Baxter TechWrite and technical director of Advance Diesel Concepts, Tom Berg of Heavy Duty Trucking and Construction Equipment magazines, Peter Carter of Today's Trucking, David Kolman of Fleet Maintenance Magazine and Road King, James Menzies of Truck News and Truck West, and Jim Park of Heavy Duty Trucking (chair).

The review process began with judges nominating candidate products, which then were ranked according to certain criteria. The five highest scoring products became the finalists.

"We had more than a dozen innovative new products to consider for this year's award, and there was some healthy debate before we got that number narrowed down to just five," Park said. "This year's winner will be joining a pretty exclusive group of products that has contributed much to the efficiency and prosperity of the trucking industry."

To be eligible, a product or service has to show technical innovation, have a wide applicability and availability in trucking, and offer significant benefits. While complete vehicles are not eligible, components and systems are.

This year marks the 24th anniversary of the Technical Achievement Award. It was first presented in 1991 to Grote Industries for its red LED marker lamp. Grote since has provided trophies for subsequent winners. The Mack Twin-Y suspension won last year’s award.

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