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Winegard offering selection of portable satellite antenna designs

Friday, October 31, 2014
More than 500 truck stops now feature a combination of Winegard portable satellite and/or over-the-air TV antennas. Pictured here is the Pathway X1 antenna. (Courtesy: WINEGARD)
More than 500 truck stops now feature a combination of Winegard portable satellite and/or over-the-air TV antennas. Pictured here is the Pathway X1 antenna. (Courtesy: WINEGARD)

BURLINGTON, Iowa — Winegard, an antenna design, development and manufacturing company, has moved full throttle into the truck market after partnering with DAS Distributing to offer its line of antennas directed at professional truck drivers at Travel Centers of America locations and independent stores.

The Pathway X1, Carryout G2, Rayzar Amplified and Rayzar Mini are available at select truck stops across the country with plans to expand to additional stores.

“Winegard’s commitment to quality and ease-of-use is reflected in all of our trucking products, and we’re thrilled to bring our collection to a top travel plaza network,” said Erik Guldager, truck market sales manager for Winegard.  “Our antennas can make life on the road enjoyable by offering more entertainment options with satellite or over-the-air TV on-the-go.”

Offerings are:

• Pathway X1 Portable Satellite TV Antenna ($549):  A portable, 100 percent automatic satellite antenna that can find a signal within minutes without having to point or aim the device. The Pathway X1 easily fits into the cab of the truck or a window mount allows the antenna to stay closer to the driver.  A DISH ViP 211z receiver is included with the antenna and provides professional drivers with the unique ability to pay for programming 30 days at a time without a contract.

• Carryout G2 Portable Satellite TV Antenna ($649):  This fully automatic satellite antenna is similar in appearance to the Pathway X1, but it receives both DISH and DIRECTV programming.  Guldager said it’s compatible with most receivers, the setup is fast and easy: Simply connect the coaxial cable from the main port to the primary receiver, plug in the power source, set up the receiver and the antenna will pinpoint the satellite.

Winegard offers several mount options for both the Pathway and Carryout antennas including a window mount, roof kit mount or a rear cab mount (all sold separately), giving drivers options for securing their antennas.

• Rayzar Amplified Digital Broadcast HD TV Antenna ($89.99):  This antenna pulls in local, over-the-air signals.  Like its name, the sleek, razor-thin (0.43mm) antenna is easy-to-install on the inside of a truck window with quick-release suction cup clips.   It is lightweight (9.6 ounces) and portable (13 by 12 inches). The Rayzar Amplified offers a low noise amplifier for up to twice the range with only a 1db noise figure which minimizes pixilation or dropouts from passing trucks, and the

• Rayzar Mini Digital Broadcast HD TV Antenna ($39.99):  The Rayzar Mini offers all of the features of the Rayzar Amplified, but on a much smaller scale.  It weighs only 5.44 ounces, and has a small footprint of 7.25 by 9.25 inches.  This small antenna pulls in free local TV channels in high-definition quality. 

For more information about Winegard and its trucking antenna collection or to locate a participating truck stop, visit www.winegard.com/trucking.

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