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Xantrex launches new inverter/charger series

Monday, February 22, 2010
The Freedom SW 3000 is equipped with dual AC input/output. (Courtesy Xantrex Technology)
The Freedom SW 3000 is equipped with dual AC input/output. (Courtesy Xantrex Technology)

VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada — Xantrex Technology, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has announced the launch of its new Freedom SW Inverter/Charger Series, a new line of pure sine-wave inverter/chargers designed for the commercial vehicle and other markets.

“The proliferation of state-of-the-art and highly sensitive modern electronics has created a demand for quality, utility-grade onboard power,” Xantrex Senior Manager of Marketing and Product Management Grant Dunbar, said. “We have very clearly responded to both need and demand in the marketplace. Not only does this new series expand our product offering, but equally important, it bridges the gap between modified sine-wave and pure sine-wave, delivering superior affordability and unprecedented value to the customer.”

The Freedom SW Series is available in 2000 and 3000 watt models, available to both OEM and aftermarket retailers, Dunbar said, noting that both units provide clean and quiet household AC power to allow operation of a variety of electronic devices ranging from power tools to small onboard appliances.

The base model Freedom SW 2000, which retails in the U.S. for $1,300, is available with a GFCI option for direct plug-in of electronics and appliances, while the Freedom SW 3000, which retails for $1,700,  is equipped with dual AC input/output with configuration for  customized applications and is compatible with optional accessories including an  automatic generator start and remote system control panel.

Operating within a wide temperature range, both units feature high surge rating complemented by a winning mix of temperature-compensated, power-factor corrected, multi-stage charging. In addition, both meet stringent UL 458 with marine supplement, CSA, FCC Class B and ABYC requirements, Dunbar said.

“We believe the key to sustaining our established leadership position in the onboard power systems category is to continue to focus on innovation while delivering proven results including measurable improvement in technology,” he said. “The new Freedom SW Series is a direct reflection of our corporate commitment to achieving these goals, coupled with a very attractive, bottom-line benefit to our customers who can now take full advantage of technological advancement for a highly competitive, less costly retail price point.”

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