Tax Advice

Never been to California and not going

The know-it-all folks in California really have outdone themselves this time.

With CARB (California Air Resources) and all the cleaning up, soon the air will be so fresh in California that they will can it and ship it all over the world so one can pop it open and get a breath of fresh air.

Every time I read in your fine publication about the ports I have to laugh. From what I’ve heard soon the air will be extra clean. Somewhere in western old Mexico one or two container ports are being built. Then their worries will be over. What a relief! Ships will just load their cargo farther south and the air will be pure around old California ports.

In a recent letter to you Jimmy Frost sure has it correct (April 1-14 2008 issue). If a few of these officers (dressed like SWAT team commandos) had to chase a real crook instead of harassing truckers, they would run like rabbits.

Sort of makes me wonder when the jobs are gone with the tax base who is going to pay to keep the commandos on patrol? Screw California; it’s a good place to be from … a long ways from.

Chester Gerber,

Hartstown, Pa.