Seven Oaks

O-O’s going out of business

I own a small trucking company and am concerned about the cost of diesel fuel.  I do not know if I will be able to stay in business much longer.

There are a lot of owner-operators going out of business every day because of fuel prices.  People and the government do not seem to understand that the cost of fuel is making everything we purchase at the store go up. And this is weakening the economy.

The truckers are trying to get the rates increased to cover the increased cost of fuel and this makes the price of products go up because the consumer is paying for it in the long run.

Our government needs to lower the price of diesel fuel.  The only ones making money are the oil companies. They keep stating their record profits — which really makes people get discouraged and give up.

Independent truckers are going out of business and small companies, too, because they cannot afford the fuel to keep their trucks going.

What is going to happen when the owner-operators quit?  The last I read they move over 70 percent of the freight.  The big companies can not move it all.  The high diesel cost should be having an effect on them, also.

Why can’t the government subsidize the trucking industry because of fuel costs?  They do other industries and have for years.

The economy will not get better when the cost of goods keeps going up because of increased transportation costs.

There are going to be more foreclosures, more repossession of vehicles including big trucks and more people unemployed.

Some freight rates have gone down instead of up.  Some shippers will not pay a fuel surcharge.  There are more trucks out there now coming into the U.S. and they are willing to haul the freight cheaper.

If the politicians want to increase our economy they need to help the trucking industry because as long as people have to spend more money than they have, things will not get better.


DAL Transportation

Carson City, Nev.