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Non-trucker wonders about disparity between gas, diesel prices

I am not a trucker, nor is any member of my family. I’m just a retired citizen who is concerned about the gross disparity in the price of regular gasoline compared to that of diesel fuel, because it takes much less refining to produce diesel fuel than that of regular gasoline. Can you tell me why diesel fuel prices these days are so much higher than the price of regular gasoline?

Every product delivered to stores is brought there by truck. According to a news report I saw some years ago, no major city in America can survive more than three days without a constant input of food products.

Here is what I suggest. I suggest that every single truck driver in America go on strike for one week [seven full days], and then when America is brought to it’s knees, maybe members of congress will step into the picture to bring the price of diesel fuel down to reasonable levels. This approach will require the full cooperation of every single truck driver in America for seven full days. Is that possible?

Remember: united you stand – and, divided you all fall.

Charles Calvert.

Ingleside, Texas