Have you ever been stopped after running out of hours while you are trying to find a safe parking place and what was the response of the officer who stopped you?



Todd Ramey

We all need to keep supporting the mom and pop truck stops, or they close up and block off parking.


Dan Senglaub

This story of lack of parking is so d*** old. If anyone gave a hoot it would have been fixed 20 years ago.


Michael Connolly

LOL, listening to FedEx talk about time management and trip planning is hilarious. Those are some of the worst drivers on the road. It might explain the reckless driving, though … .


Mitch Vaughn

If we as drivers refused to run electronic logs (as I do as a veteran) this bologna would stop. We’re not children. We’re human and not slaves to a clock. Electronic logs create aggressive driving because the driver is trying to beat the clock. Solidarity for freedom!


Edgardo Rivera

Trip planning? Ha! Three miles down the road, traffic jam, detour, wrong directions and there goes the trip planning management.


Donnie Boudreaux

Basically it’s this: If you are near a big city around 1600 and you are not parking then you aren’t finding a spot.


Ryan Forrest

Heard a hand on the radio talking about a DOT nabbing him on the south side of Lansing, Mich. Was headed up to the Flying J to park and was over his 14. Ticket ended up being twice as much as yours. The court officer told the driver that everybody has their hand in the pot, wants a piece of the pie.


Joseph Giles

Last time I checked, your load will arrive right after you do. There is no reason get in a hurry, you’re just going to wait when you get there. Stop and take your breaks and if you're tired, park. No load is worth your life or someone else's. I don't know about all of you, but I don't want to donate money to any state; I don't get paid enough.


Dennis VanHartesvelt

I use paper logs. They prevent a lot of legal parking problems.



John Ferrell

I got a ticket in Indiana for parking on a ramp years ago after stopping at several truck stops and a rest area and not finding a spot.



Oscar Begley

Never had a problem, knock on wood.


Charlie Nowicki

I'm sure Texas or any other state will stop this practice once deaths occur and the truck driver tries to eliminate his or her responsibility in this matter.


Mike Lauber

Sometimes those rest areas and tuck stops are full. I always have three options. Sometimes that isn't enough.


Ricky H Hibbens

I got a new one how about we all stand up for our rights. Oh, that’s right, get truckers together, they can only agree on one thing … and that's to disagree. So sad; I guess truckers want to be regulated.


Graig Fifer

This is why I refuse to go one of those elogs. My logs are always “legal to the best of my knowledge,” as I told a Wyoming trooper last night, when he questioned me on something stupid.



Craig Day

If you're still on paper logs and get a violation for being over your 14 hours you're just a complete moron. I don't plan to stop for the night until my last 3 hours; that's when I start looking for a place. And those of you on here saying that you can't plan your day is a bunch of BS. If you're not planning your time to estimate for traffic jams or perhaps an accident; if you don't have at least four places that you could stop by the time you're 14 hours is up you’re just a complete moron. Sometimes you have to stop your day early because there’s just not enough time to make it to that rest area or the next truck stop. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


Scott Stafford

Got lucky a few times when I ran out of my 11, pulled into my goal truck stop and they were filled up I tried to make a spot or put myself in off-duty drive time just long enough to get to the next one.



Mary Arlen Puckett

Yes. I was put out of service for 8 hours in Oregon.


John Fahrion

New Jersey doesn't allow overnight parking at their rest stops and a state trooper will give you a ticket if you are doing that.