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Boyd Bros. Transportation acquires Mid Seven Transportation

Boyd Bros. plans to operate Mid Seven autonomously as a separate subsidiary.

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CLAYTON, Ala. —  Boyd Bros. Transportation recently acquired Mid Seven Transportation in Des Moines, Iowa, the company announced Tuesday.

This major acquisition reinforces the company’s standing as a leader and quality employer in the trucking industry, according to Boyd Bros. President Richard Bailey.

 “We are proud to add Mid Seven Transportion to the Boyd family of companies,” Bailey said. “We plan to operate Mid Seven autonomously as a separate subsidiary. Mid Seven has some of the best owner operators and employees in the industry and we are especially proud of their safety and service culture.”

Boyd Bros.’ new ownership of Mid Seven is expected to provide additional resources to Mid Seven customers and new opportunities for the company’s employees and independent contractors, Bailey said.

Mid Seven’s revenues are expected to exceed $6 million this year. The company, which uses solely owner operators, focuses primarily on the Midwest with extended lanes in the South, Northeast and Southwest. Mid Seven’s freight includes steel, machinery and agricultural equipment transported by flatbeds and drop deck trailers.

“It is exciting for me to see Mid Seven Transportation Co. become a member of the Boyd Bros. family of carriers,” said Jeff Simpson of Mid Seven. “Both companies have long histories of operating with integrity, commitment to customer service and placing a high value on their employees and independent contractors.”

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