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UPS driver named Minnesota's Driver of the Year

During his 15 years as a professional truck driver, Nathan Wick has logged over 25,000 hours on the road without a single accident.

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ROSEVILLE, Minn. — The Minnesota Trucking Association has named Nathan Wick, a professional truck driver for UPS Freight in Blaine, Minn., as Minnesota's 2012 Truck Driver of the Year.

Wick was selected from among a group of distinguished Driver of the Month recipients by a team of judges comprised of the division administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a captain from the Minnesota State Patrol and a director at the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

He was chosen based upon his safe driving record, job performance and community service.

The Minnesota Truck Driver of the Year Program has been in existence for over 50 years.

During his 15 years as a professional truck driver, Wick has logged over 25,000 hours on the road without a single accident.

He is an organizer for the Special Olympics World's Largest Truck Convoy, supporter of the Trucker Buddy International program connecting professional truck drivers to elementary school classrooms across the country as well as a participant in the annual Truck Driving Championships held by the Minnesota Trucking Association.





Wick was recently chosen to represent "America's Road Team" as one of 19 "captains."  America's Road Team is a prestigious program of the American Trucking Associations and enlists the "best of the best" drivers from across the country to volunteer about one week a month in public safety information events nationwide, rubbing elbows with fellow truckers, students, soccer moms, the media and even members of Congress.

The 2012 Minnesota Drivers of the Month include: Greg Langford of Langford, Inc.; Monte Kirby of Kane Transport; Paul Butkowski of FedEx Freight; David Schweich of Logistics Services Inc.; George Arndt of Bailey Nurseries Inc.; Brian Dietz of Valley Cartage MN; Wick; Ernie Horsman of Lawrence Transportation Co.; Patrick Flanigan of SUPERVALU; Chris Farrell of McFarland Truck Lines Inc.; Victor Quast of Bartels Truck Line Inc., and David Skoog of Arfsten Transfer Inc.

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