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Diesel prices continue upswing; increase 8.2 cents over last week to $4.104

Today diesel costs 16.1 cents a gallon more than it did this same time a year ago.

The Trucker Staff


National on-highway diesel prices continued their upward swing from last week’s 9.5 increase to an 8.2-cents hike today, pushing average at-the-pump prices to $4.104 a gallon compared with $4.022 last week.

Diesel prices had more or less edged down since New Year’s Eve, plunging nearly 2 cents a gallon on Jan. 14, then inching up eight-tenths of a penny on Jan. 22, and, as stated above, going up 9.5 cents last week.

The last time diesel was approaching this high was on Oct. 22 last year, when it was $4.116. The highest price for diesel last year was $4.15 on Oct. 26.

Today diesel costs 16.1 cents a gallon more than it did this same time a year ago.

Oil analysts have warned to look for wild wholesale price swings in oil (and so diesel along with it) during 2013, but as yet, diesel has just continued to inch up since mid January.

Hurricane Sandy temporarily put a damper on diesel but before long, truckers were seeing increases in most reporting regions of the Energy Information Administration of the federal Energy Department.

California prices today were $4.331 a gallon, up 8.9 cents from the week before ($4.242) followed by the West Coast reporting region at $4.265, up 9.9 cents from the prior week ($4.166).

Every EIA reporting sector saw increased prices today from the week before.

To compute the prices, every Monday, the EIA collects cash self-serve on-highway diesel prices (including taxes) from a sample of approximately 400 retail diesel outlets in the continental U.S. The sample includes a combination of truck stops and service stations that sell on-highway diesel fuel. The data represent the price of ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) which contains less than 15 parts-per-million sulfur.

The prices are collected via telephone, fax, email, or the internet from participating outlets. All collected prices are subjected to automated edit checks during data collection and data processing.

For more details by region click here.

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