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National diesel prices up 9.5 cents over last week

National on-highway diesel is again above the $4-a-gallon mark at $4.022. (The Trucker file photo)

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What goes down, must go back up again, at least in the case of national on-highway diesel prices, which increased 9 and a half cents today to $4.022 a gallon compared with $3.927 last week.

That’s up 16.6 cents over what diesel was selling for this time last year, and the first time national pump prices have pierced the $4-a-gallon ceiling since November of 2012.

Of course, selected reporting areas of the U.S. Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) previously have been at $4 a gallon and above, namely California, the West Coast (except for California), the New England reporting sector and the Central Atlantic region.

Actually, at-the-pump prices were up today in every EIA reporting region. The West Coast less California price was up 13 cents over what it was last week (from $3.946 Jan. 28 to $4.076 today), and in the Midwest sector the price was up 11.2 cents to $3.978 compared with $3.866 the week prior.

It should be noted there is typically a lag between when the spot price changes and when the retail price changes, and that the refining costs and profits and the distribution and marketing costs and profits can vary from month to month.

And, retail prices must play "catch-up" with previous spot price increases or decreases.

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