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GPS Insight upgrades mapping to Google Maps

GPS Insight officials said moving to Google Maps has enabled the company to enhance several core capabilities of the firm’s product. (Courtesy: GPS Insight)

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — GPS Insight, a provider of GPS fleet tracking software, has upgraded its dashboard mapping and browser-based mapping to Google Maps.

This upgrade gives users new functionality and faster load times, according to Robert Donat, CEO and founder.

Google Maps provides GPS Insight with best of class maps, addressing, traffic, satellite imagery, as well as a new “Street View” option for customers which provides actual photographs of a vehicle’s location, Donat said.

“Moving to Google Maps has enabled GPS Insight to enhance several core capabilities of our product by leveraging Google’s considerable capabilities,” he said. “As we quickly grow our user base, our use of Google Maps ensures we can continue to meet customer requirements. Additionally, we can now spend time on improving our award winning product which was previously spent maintaining our map and road data infrastructure.”

Donat said GPS Insight utilizes high quality GPS hardware and add the technology, customization and enhancements that fleet-based companies demand.

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