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Clean Energy, Mansfield Energy, partner to provide integrated NG fueling solution

The partnership will offer customers savings of $1.50 per gallon than diesel, spokesmen said.

The Trucker Staff


Natural gas pioneers Clean Energy Fuels Corp. today announced a partnership with Mansfield Energy Corp. to deliver an integrated fueling solution in what they called “the most comprehensive solution in the compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel industry.”

Mansfield has ongoing CNG service and operations contracts with 43 locations in addition to 20 new CNG sites currently under development in the waste, transit and municipal fleet sectors.

This will be combined with the 348 CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations Clean Energy either owns, operates or supplies.

Clean Energy has spent the last year building out retail truck stop locations at Pilot Flying J, predominantly with liquefied natural gas or LNG fueling stations. And with the advent of 12-liter natural gas engines, “We've seen business take off,” said Clean Energy CEO and President Andrew J. Littlefair.

However, this niche is different from the retail locations at Pilot Flying J, Littlefair noted, with Mansfield CEO Michael Mansfield adding that “Mansfield has hub-and-spoke customers who fuel in their [respective] yards. … In the beginning it will be predominantly CNG, whatever the customer needs and fits with their travel patterns.”

The two companies will combine their strengths Clean Energy’s in design, engineering and operations and Mansfield’s in commodity supply, risk management and transaction processing to provide what they called “the best value and simplest path to natural gas adoption today.”

The partnership is “the right decision for our company at the right time at the maturation of natural gas in the fuels marketplace,” Mansfield said.

Littlefair said with vast quantities of natural gas in the U.S. and given the wide margin between the cost of diesel and natural gas, customers will see a savings of from $1 and $1.50 a gallon with CNG.

Mansfield described the company’s clients as Fortune 500 and government entities which are used to owning their own fueling infrastructure and in many cases may choose to lease or finance infrastructure.

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