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Maine railway lays off workers in wake of crash

Courtesy: Associated Press

The Associated Press


PORTLAND, Maine — A Maine-based railway that owned the runaway train involved in a catastrophic accident in Quebec early this month is laying off employees.

A union representing Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway employees said Wednesday the company has laid off 17 workers and two managers from its 75-person workforce in Quebec.

Details of layoffs in Maine weren't immediately available, but the state Department of Labor issued a statement saying it's prepared a plan to support Maine workers who are laid off.

A Montreal, Maine and Atlantic train carrying crude oil derailed on July 6 and exploded, killing dozens of people and triggering a massive blaze in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. The disaster left the track unusable.

A company official says the layoffs are temporary and workers will be rehired once the track is reopened.

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