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PeopleNet partners with Drivewyze for weigh station bypass service

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MINNEAPOLIS — PeopleNet, a provider of fleet mobility solutions, announced a new partnership with Drivewyze for improving driver efficiency, regulatory compliance and safety, PeopleNet officials said.

PeopleNet’s GPS and mobile communication technologies integrated with Drivewyze PreClear offers hands-free delivery of the weigh station bypass service.

 “Our partnership with Drivewyze advances our commitment to our customers’ safety, as well as the public’s safety,” said Rick Ochsendorf, PeopleNet executive vice president. “Our integration with Drivewyze further enhances our customers’ efficiency, compliance, and safety by providing a hands-free solution that is fully compliant with federal and state distracted driving regulations. There appears to be even greater potential for collecting additional CSA and vehicle inspection data that will expedite weigh station processing and allow greater focus on vehicles or carriers with potential issues.”

Drivewyze PreClear lets the driver know through the in-cab communications device when the vehicle is approaching a weigh station, Ochsendorf said. If the carrier and vehicle pass criteria established by each state enforcement agency, including safety scores, registration and IFTA tax compliance, the driver receives permission to bypass the inspection site. If there is an issue, the driver is signaled to pull-in.

“PeopleNet’s decision to become a reseller of Drivewyze PreClear through this agreement demonstrates its commitment to providing fleets mobility solutions that can leverage their safety and compliance investments to reduce operating costs,” said Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. “With PeopleNet's integrated bypass service, fleets can eliminate the need to manage multiple vendor accounts and costly transponders, while accessing a more comprehensive service site footprint including temporary inspection sites. An FMCSA study demonstrated that one weigh station stop made for even 5 minutes can save a carrier $8.68 in fuel and time. So, the ability to bypass unnecessary inspections generates tremendous ROI.”

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