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SmartTruckRoute updates app for additional information

Drivers can easily see which truck stops offer the services they need such as wi-fi, showers and truck wash, he said.

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BOSTON — The newly released free update for SmartTruckRoute, cloud based truck navigation service now offers truck specific points of interest such as truck stops, weigh scales, rest areas, truck parking and repair services.

The SmartTruckRoute app offers location based search, display and direct routing to truck stops.

Detailed information regarding services available for each truck stop are readily available to the driver, according to Ed Friedman, TeleType president of TeleType.

Drivers can easily see which truck stops offer the services they need such as wi-fi, showers and truck wash, he said.

The TeleType in house servers based in Boston allow SmartTruckRoute users to calculate truck specific routes instantly and use the built-in GPS of the iPhone or iPad for navigation.

The company maintains both permanent and temporary truck restriction data on its servers and updates the information daily on a pro-active basis as well as incorporating driver feedback. The software takes into account commercial truck restrictions as well as the vehicle height and weight.

SmartTruckRoute helps drivers avoid costly tickets and provides additional safety, Friedman said. Turn by turn visual and voice instructions allow the driver to use the phone hands free when navigating.

“SmartTruckRoute is the most advanced and accurate Smart phone solution for truck GPS navigation,” Friedman said.

According Friedman, SmartTruckRoute key features and benefits include:

• Daily live map, routing, and restriction information updates

• Quickly validate truck route with the convenience of a smartphone

• Use built-in GPS for turn by turn navigation

• Instant activation, no lengthy map downloads

• Unlimited truck specific routing upon purchase

• Fast routing, even long routes take less than two seconds to complete

• Visual and Voice turn-by-turn instructions

• Truck specific points of interest display and search

• Speak destination information for convenient hands free operation

• Maps automatically cached to conserve data usage

The app is subscription based (for a few pennies a day).

Drivers can test routes and use the fully functional app free of charge from 1-2 p.m. Eastern time seven days a week.

SmartTruckRoute is available for Android and Apple iOS.

Contact TeleType for corporate licensing and route integration applications.

For further information contact TeleType Co. at (800) 717-4478 or (617)-542-6220,e-mail app@smartruckroute.com, or visit www.smarttruckroute.com.

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