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Class 8 sales drop in February, but 2014 sales higher year-over-year

Volvo Trucks has shown the largest gain year-over-year, selling 2,985 units the first two months of 2014 compared with 2,303 units for the same period in 2013. (Courtesy: VOLVO TRUCKS)

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Just how many Class 8 trucks will be sold in the United States this year obviously remains an uncertainty, but one thing is for sure —2014 is starting out much better than 2013 even though February sales were down from January.

According to data provided by Ward’s Automotive, 13,949 Class 8 trucks were sold in the U.S. in February, a drop of 1.4 percent from January’s sales of 14,146 units.

But the 2014 January to February sales decline is much less than the 4.7 percent drop between January and February 2013.

And, sales the first two months of 2014 are 9.3 percent higher than the same period last year.

Three nameplates showed improvement in February — Peterbilt at 10.7 percent, Freightliner at 1.5 percent and Kenworth at 0.5 percent.

Every nameplate is up year-over-year with the exception of Freightliner.

Volvo has the largest year-over-year gain at 29.6 percent.

Freightliner owns the market share.

A 39 percent share for February and a 38.4 percent for the first two months puts the Daimler product more than 20 percent ahead of the nearest competitor.

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