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Report: Massachusetts toll takers short-change drivers

Friday, April 5, 2013

BOSTON — Massachusetts transportation officials have fired eight toll collectors and disciplined 14 others in the past few years during a crackdown on short-changing motorists.

The state Department of Transportation says it has received nearly 300 complaints in the past three years from drivers claiming they were not given proper change at toll booths.

WBZ-TV ( ) reports that many of the people filling out the complaints think they were deliberately ripped off by sticky-fingered toll takers.

The state has refunded more than $3,200 to drivers during that time.

Bill McGeckerin of Hull says he paid a 70 cent toll with a $5 bill and received just 30 cents in change.

Highway administrator Frank DePaola says toll collectors handle millions of transactions per year and most are honest, but stealing won't be tolerated.


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