James Burg

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James Burg
The Best on the Road - no one comes close.

James Burg Trucking Company, Warren, Mich., is a regional flatbed carrier that has been in business since 1984. It is still run today by founder James (Jim) Burg.

James Burg Trucking Company (JBTC) began with owner Jim Burg as a one truck operator for 4 years before incorporating and licensing his business. Through innovative truck & trailer design and hard work, the business has become a 90 truck fleet. Jim is a tireless advocate for the trucking industry and is active among many of trucking’s top organizations including the American Trucking Association and H.E.L.P.–the provider of PrePass.


  • Our equipment is designed with safety in mind. We have disc brakes, tire inflation systems, roll stability and collision mitigation systems.

  • We operate flatbed combinations ranging from 5 axles to 11 axles.

  • All of our trailers are equipped with a retractable tarping system.

  • Our company shop is staffed 7 days a week to ensure all equipment is in excellent operating condition.

  • Our dispatch staff includes former drivers. They understand your work & challenges and help you to maximize your time on tasks.

  • We operate state-of-the-art facilities including: fueling station; repair facility; office space; driver’s lounge.

  • There are additional truck yards in key locations:

    • Taylor, Michigan

    • Jackson, Michigan

    • Michigan City, Indiana