Jones Logistics

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Jones Logistics
Join the Jones Family

With locations and projects throughout the country, Jones is constantly looking for great people with unparalleled character to join our family.

Become One of Jones

Our core values are our way of life. When you drive for Jones, we want and expect a high level of responsibility and autonomy — we let you do the driving. Your dispatcher will be there when you need them, and step back when you don’t.

Driver Engagement

At Jones, we care about our drivers on and off the road. You will find that our staff is diligent about staying in touch to make sure you are informed on various activity within Jones, continuing education opportunities, and general information to keep you up to date.

Job Security

Driving for Jones means driving your career. It is our goal to employ our drivers long term. Although projects may come and go, we want our drivers here for the long haul. Sustainability is one of our core values, ensuring our staff and organization is here for generations to come.

Competitive Pay & Benefits

We know that at the end of the day, your salary and benefits are a key factor to your employment choice. That is why our staff consistently researches the market to ensure we are competitive with both pay and benefits, putting our best foot forward.