Quest Trucking

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Quest Trucking
Our promise? Respect and fairness. It’s that simple.

Quest was founded with the vision of becoming a best-in-class carrier. Today, Quest is changing what it means to be a “trucking” company. Based in the Metro Atlanta area, Quest is a carrier of dry and refrigerated freight and works with many Fortune 500 companies.

Why drive with us?

Support and respect

Support staff is an essential part of any driving experience. Being able to get someone on the phone, answering questions quickly and accurately, is critical to what you do. Quest’s staff does this well, and they do it with respect —because it’s the only way to do business.

Fair compensation​

​Quest’s minimum pay guarantee ensures you’re paid even when things outside your control happen. There are times when everything goes perfectly, and then there are weather delays, repairs, traffic, etc. that strike your nerves — and your bank account. The folks at Quest don’t think that’s fair.

Enjoy time off​

​Bills don’t stop just because you’re taking time off. As part of Quest’s minimum pay guarantee, drivers won’t miss a paycheck when they take time off.

Company teams

A driver’s obligations and aspirations aren’t measured in cents per mile, but most companies don’t see it any other way. Quest is focused on providing drivers with a high quality of life, a rewarding career and a great compensation package with the means to reach their goals.

Earn as much as $185,000+, get paid on home time and never miss a check!

  • Average $0.62 per mile
  • Annual pay raises
  • Paid home time
  • Monthly bonuses
  • Weekly minimum pay guarantee
  • Unlimited Referral Bonuses

Freight built for teams

  • Long-haul southeast to west coast
  • 100% no-touch freight
  • Mostly drop & hook and expanding
  • Consistent through seasons
  • Dedicated assignments available