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Putting drivers back in the driver’s seat

Atlanta-based Variant is working to change the trucking industry for the better by setting new standards — beginning with treating drivers like the valuable resources they are. Drivers are at the heart of the company’s success, and they are treated accordingly.

Re-engineering trucking. For good.

Without truck drivers, there is no trucking — yet much of the industry treats these hardworking professionals like expendable resources. Variant plans to change that.

Variant is built on solid values:

  • Innovation: Focus on what ought to be rather than what is. Challenge convention and set a new standard.
  • Resilience: Drive over adversity. There will be days where things don’t go as planned. Shake it off.
  • Curiosity: Seek new perspectives. Ask “stupid” questions. Search more. Learn, apply, create.
  • Dedication: Always do a little more than what’s expected. At the very least. These are the moments that our drivers and shippers remember and talk about.
  • Equity: Embrace diversity, foster inclusion, and promote equity for all.
  • Passion: In all we do, we harness our inner drive to make a lasting change.
  • Integrity: Do what we say we’re going to do. Do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.

Variant is a trucking company built for one purpose — to make drivers’ lives better. The company’s driver turnover is 1/5 the industry average because driving for Variant is a completely different experience.

Variant drivers:

  1. Drive more: 2,500 miles per week on average (many drive more).
  2. Earn more: Variant pays about 30% more than the industry average.
  3. Live more: Variant’s home-on-time goal for drivers is 95%.

Optimized difference

Truck driving as a job is unpredictable — but drivers’ paychecks shouldn’t be. The company’s Variant Optimizer load planner helps ensure drivers receive higher pay. The system only makes plans that make sense, and it’s always updating to get Variant drivers more miles and better loads.

High-caliber trucks

Variant drivers are treated to the best equipment to help make life on the road easier and more productive.

  • APU in every truck: Every new truck in Variant’s fleet has an APU, allowing drivers to power the lights, air conditioning and other electronics.
  • Refrigerator comes standard: Every cabin comes complete with a spacious minifridge, a microwave, cabinet space and matching cabinetry.
  • Newer Trucks: At Variant, drivers have a chance to drive the best.

In addition, Variant drivers have operations specialists available to drivers 24/7 via call, chat or email, as well as a driver community app — so drivers are never truly “alone” on the road.