I-80 through Ohio plagued by persons throwing rocks

Be careful on I-80 going through Ohio. My window was hit and broken by pieces of concrete someone tossed off an overpass recently by a person or persons unknown at about 2:30 p.m.

Locals tell me I-80 has a problem with people throwing pieces of rock and concrete at passing vehicles at night at random. They also say it’s not always reported.

Police seem to say “Kids tossing things at vehicles on the highway is funny.”

Well, it’s not funny; it’s a felony in some states to throw anything at a moving vehicle. It’s dangerous; it can cause a wreck and someone could get killed.

This is not a game. They caught someone a few years back shouting at cars near Columbus, Ohio on I-70 and on I-64 in Virginia there has been someone shouting at cars recently.

Maybe we need to start investing, trying and treating these attacks on vehicles moving along our nation’s roadways as domestic terrorism, have more curfews in towns and cities near interstates at night and offer rewards to people who turn these roadway attackers in to the law.

Watch yourselves out there.

Blue Streak Johnny,

Cleveland, Ohio