CDL-A Teams Wanted for Armored Service in San Francisco, CA

Top pay for Teams
Western Distributing
Western Distributing
Top Pay for Team Drivers!
Western Distributing is a family owned and operated business founded in 1933. Trucking was always a part of operations, but long haul operations branched out into its own division back in 1977. Western prides itself on retaining some of the finest most skilled drivers/staff in the nation!
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CDL-A Company Teams in San Francisco, CA

Top Pay: $85-100K per Driver


Western Distributing was established after prohibition and has been family-owned and operated since. In 1977 our CEO purchased 6 brand new Peterbilts of the prettiest blue, highest horsepower, and with the most driver luxuries to deliver our liquor, wine, and beer. One day he decided to haul beans on an empty outbound Reefer truck and the rest is history. We have since grown adding Armored and Towing to our offerings.


Armored Driver Benefits

  •  Above Average Pay: $85-100K PER DRIVER
  •  Home one day for every week out
  •  Medical, Dental, & Vision (90% company backed coverage for employee)
  •  Prescription (Preventative with $0 Co-pay)
  •  401k with company-match up to 6%
  •  Company Sponsored Life Insurance
  •  Tuition Reimbursement
  •  Scholarship program for Employee’s Children
  •  Paid Time Off (Sick & Vacation)
  •  Safety Bonus paid quarterly
  •  Driver Referral Bonus
  •  Peterbilt trucks


Driver Requirements

  • Class A CDL
  • Must be a ready-made Team
  • 3 years of experience
  • You have or can obtain a concealed carry license

Beyond the job benefits already listed above, there are several other advantages to truck driving jobs in San Francisco. Iowa offers a variety of industries in which a truck driver can specialize. As you might imagine, agriculture tops the list. But whether exported out of state, out of the country, or simply remain in the state for the use of those living in Iowa, truck drivers are transporting large tractors, airplane parts, corn and several critical products.

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Team Drivers

The information below provides insight into how working as a Team Driver may meet your expected lifestyle, work into your long-term career plans, and provide the working environment you seek.

What is a Team Driver?

A team driver is a driver operating with a partner who shares driving duties and other tasks with the other partner. Delivery is much faster than utilizing a single driver, as Hours of Service regulations can be met for one driver while the other is resting. Team drivers often consist of spouses driving together or partners in an owner-operator situation. Likewise, an owner-operator may hire on another driver for the sole purpose of serving as part of a two-man team.

In some cases, a team can be formed by two individuals who may own a truck together or when one works for the other driver. But more frequently team drivers are the result of carrier or company programs that pair up drivers to provide the benefits a team arrangement offers. Of course, these teams must be carefully selected and monitored. People do not get along for a variety of reasons. A team that gets along well, communicates, and has similar goals and expectations of the job is going to be far more efficient and productive than a team that does not like driving together.

What personal characteristics are need for Team Drivers?

There is nothing as important to team driving as the personal relationships built between the partners. Aside from the personal characteristics needed to be a good truck driver, a Team Driver must be able to work day-in and day-out with a partner. You’ll likely recognize that a team driving arrangement complicates and trumps any other issue you may run into in terms of personal characteristics.

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Different types of materials require different types of trailers, and each type of trailer offers drivers its own challenges. Therefore, it is important to understand what is required to not only drive your truck and your freight, but the trailer you are pulling as well.

What is Dry Van hauling?

Dry vans are likely the most basic type of trailer in the industry and the type beginning drivers are likely haul upon gaining their first jobs. A dry van is normally a 53-foot box-like trailers loaded with non-perishable good (think of the historical term of “dry goods store,” and the type of products they sold).

What are requirements necessary to haul dry van equipment?

Typically, dry vans can be hauled by anyone holding the appropriate classification of CDL.

What endorsements are need for dry van hauling?

If the cargo is considered hazardous or includes hazardous materials, an (H), Hazardous Materials, or (X), Hazardous Materials/Tanker endorsement is needed.

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Truck driving route type vary within the industry and are dependent on several factors including interstate trucking requirements, route planning, type of cargo hauled, frequency, hazardous materials restrictions, driver experience, etc.

Over the Road (OTR) Routes are likely those that most people with minimal knowledge of the trucking industry envision drivers working. OTR routes can be regional with occasional outside of region assignments or they may be cross-country to make one delivery or several along the way. OTR drivers are generally paid by the mile and are on the road for much of the year with limited home time.