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Buchheit Logistics
Buchheit Logistics
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Buchheit is the best in class transportation and logistics solutions provider that finds innovative logistics solutions for customers’ unique material handling needs from raw materials to finished product, recycling and everything in between.
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CDL-A Company Drivers in Moline, IL

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Top Drivers Earn up to $90,000 or More!


At Buchheit, we understand you have a choice, so choose a company that truly cares for you and your success!

In 1934, Rudy Buchheit began hauling livestock to market for local farmers. To make the most of each trip, Rudy added backhauling farm and home goods on his return trips. Rudy’s efforts were an immediate hit and Buccheit Trucking was born. Now known as Buchheit Logistics, our company has become the #1 diversified logistics company in the region.


Driver Benefits

  •  Top drivers earn up to $90,000 & more
  •  Weekly payroll with a guaranteed minimum
  •  Retention bonuses
  •  Driver referral bonus program
  •  Clean inspection pay
  •  Detention, breakdown & layover Pay
  •  Health & medical benefits
  •  401K w/match
  •  Paid vacation & holidays
  •  Buchheit retail store discounts
  •  Home weekly or stay out longer – your choice
  •  Assigned trucks
  •  All OTR trucks have APUs, refrigerators & inverters
  •  PrePass Elite in trucks
  •  EFS fuel cards
  •  In-Cab dispatch thru ELD
  •  Load scanning
  •  Rider & pet program from day 1


Driver Requirements

  • Class A CDL
  • Minimum 18 months experience
  • Hazmat preferred but not required

In addition to the job benefits mentioned above, there are several other general advantages to truck driving jobs in Moline. Illinois offers truck drivers many opportunities since it borders the Great Lakes, which is a major freshwater waterway serving the Central US. Illinois ranks as the sixth busiest state in exports in the US, even without direct access to a seaport. Cross country routes make Illinois one of the Midwest’s most advantageous states for truck drivers to call home.

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Company Drivers

The information below provides insight into how working as a Company Driver may meet your expected lifestyle, work into your long-term career plans, and provide the working environment you seek.

What is Company Driver?

Company Drivers are employed by specific companies that maintain its own fleet of trucks. Company Drivers are can be separated into 2 categories: (1) drivers working for trucking carriers that exist for the sole purpose of transporting freight of others, or (2) drivers working for companies that carry its own freight to support its own company’s product or service. Company drivers are in high demand, particular among large carriers.

What are some personal characteristics helpful for Company Drivers?

Aside from the personal characteristics needed to be a good truck driver, a Company Driver can be representing a company with thousands of workers in the US and internationally. Therefore, it is helpful for a Company Driver to keep a happy, helpful demeanor both to the general public and customers. Likewise, reliability, honesty, integrity, and self-motivation is necessary since you won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder or directing your every move. No one will tell you when to get out of bed in the morning or when to take a break or stop driving for the day (except the NMCSA, of course!).

For additional information about Company Drivers, including what is a Company Driver, pathways to securing a driving job, financial investment requirements, personal characteristics, average salaries and compensation structures of Company Drivers, visit Truck Driving Job Resources.

Different types of materials require different types of trailers, and each type of trailer offers drivers its own challenges. Therefore, it is important to understand what is required to not only drive your truck and your freight, but the trailer you are pulling as well.

What is Bulk Cargo Hauling Equipment?

Bulk Cargo is a specific commodity hauled using various types of trailers and is delivered to a customer for use in a specific industry. In other cases, the bulk cargo is hauled from a producer to market. Bulk cargo includes grain, soybeans, corn, and other agriculture products; various liquids; coal, propane, gasoline, and other fuels; wood products like pulp wood and mulch; construction products such as sand and gravel; and recyclable materials.

What are the requirements of a bulk cargo driver?

A driver should be thoroughly familiar with the type of trailer the materials is hauled in and how to operate offloading features. The various types of trailers will also cause a truck to handle differently, so a driver needs to be especially safety-conscious and alert when learning aerodynamics, braking, and other aspects required of various trailer types.

What endorsements do I need to haul bulk materials?

As with all truck drivers, those hauling bulk materials must hold the appropriate CDL for the type of vehicle being driven (Class A, B, and/or C). Likewise, as the materials and trailer types a driver hauls will likely vary, it is advisable that those expecting to haul bulk materials obtain endorsements including (H), Hazardous Materials, and (N) Tanker. In some states, drivers may be able to receive the (X) endorsement, a combination endorsement allowing them to haul Hazardous Materials in a Tanker-type trailer.

For more information about Bulk Cargo Hauling, including what type of companies hire, job requirements, compensation structures, what endorsements are needed, visit Truck Driving Job Resources.

Endorsements are required “permissions” for CDL holders driving and hauling various types of equipment and freight. You can earn endorsements at the same time as your CDL, or you can apply for them after you have been driving for a while.

Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Endorsement: the (H) endorsement. This endorsement is required if you are transporting hazardous materials such as flammable liquids, combustible liquids, gases, and other explosive materials. The (H) endorsement is available and is required of all CDL holders transporting these materials, even at the Class C CDL level.

To earn and maintain the HazMat (H) endorsement, drivers must successful complete the following: (1) written knowledge test, (2) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Threat Assessment application, (3) submit fingerprints along with two forms of ID (Driver’s license, DOT medical card, etc.) and (4) periodic written knowledge retest.

Truck driving jobs requiring endorsements may offer opportunities for increased per mile, hourly, or route-specific compensation. Extra compensation based on endorsements will vary by the carrier. For more information about endorsements and what is required to obtain a Hazardous Materials (HazMat) endorsement, visit Truck Driving Job Resources.

Truck driving route type vary within the industry and are dependent on several factors including interstate trucking requirements, route planning, type of cargo hauled, frequency, hazardous materials restrictions, driver experience, etc.

Over the Road (OTR) Routes are likely those that most people with minimal knowledge of the trucking industry envision drivers working. OTR routes can be regional with occasional outside of region assignments or they may be cross-country to make one delivery or several along the way. OTR drivers are generally paid by the mile and are on the road for much of the year with limited home time.